Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice

Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice was established in 1973 and quickly became known as one of the New York area’s most reliable practices. Over 40 years later, we are devoted to upholding our reputation. We combine experience, medical expertise, and cutting-edge technology with a warm, home-like atmosphere. Our doctors and staff are gentle and thorough with every pet and treat your cat or dog like we would our own.

Our facility is like a mini getaway for your family and your pet. We have several acres of natural land amidst a bustling suburb, and you are welcome to take your pet outside for some sun or relax under a tree and enjoy lunch while you wait. We also offer ample parking for your convenience

Things to consider before getting your next pet

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Things to consider before getting your next pet

Pets are a source of unconditional love and hence, getting a pet can be an ideal decision, especially for individuals who live alone. Deciding to get a pet is not something that should be impulsive; you need to consider several factors prior to bringing home a new furry member to your family. Try to check... Read more »

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