We are well-known throughout the tri-state area for our special interest in brachycephalic dog care.

Brachycephalic – or “short-nosed” – breeds include the English Bulldog, French bulldog, Pug, Pekingese, and Shih-tzu. Their conformation, though adorable, contributes to a variety of health problems that we work tirelessly to alleviate.

Our reputation for outstanding English Bulldog care was earned by decades of studying, innovation and practice. Professional pet breeders as well as rescue organizations often travel miles from out of state to see our doctors.

We regularly perform life-altering surgeries on brachycephalic pets. Their elongated soft palates lead to breathing difficulties, so we shorten them with a high-tech surgical laser. To further open their airways, we widen their tight nostrils, also known as stenotic nares. Bulldogs, due to their tightly tucked-in tails, are prone to chronic and painful infection in the area. We have a great deal of experience amputating problem tails. In fact, the procedure is so effective that clients often tell us they brought home a much happier dog!

If you own a brachycepahlic breed and have questions, concerns, or problems, we encourage you to come visit Richmond Valley. We will put our expertise – and our hearts – into helping you and your pet.