Diabetes in Cats: Frequently asked questions

Most cat parents overlook the concern of diabetes in cats and they end up spending lots of time and money to get the health concern under control. As a cat parent, it is inevitable for you to arm yourself with some information regarding cat diabetes, like diabetes symptoms and some prevention tips. Cat diabetics is... Read more »

Caring for your dog’s coat

Keeping your dog’s coat healthy and shiny can be a struggle. Most pet parents are unaware of the fact that the health statistics of their dog is directly proportional to the health and the shiny appearance of the coat. This blog post features some actionable tips for maintaining your dog’s coat healthy and shiny. Prior... Read more »

An overview of skin problems in dogs

Dog skin problems are a major and usual challenge that the respective parents seek help for. Your dog’s skin condition and the appearance of his coat is directly linked to his health. Ideal skin conditions in dogs: As a pet parent, you should be aware that the following signs indicate that your dog’s skin condition... Read more »

an injured dog lying in clinic bed

Pet first aid kit checklist

Caring for your pet is something that you need to take pretty seriously. In the case of minor accidents; you might not have to take your pet to a vet, provided, you have a pet first aid kit. On the flip side, if the accident is major, a pet first aid kit can also be... Read more »

7 first aid tips for dogs

For dog owners, it is really heartbreaking to see their furry friend in pain, it is even worse if you do not know what exactly to do in such a situation. Scenarios like temperature changes, bleeding, seizures, choking, etc can cause sudden discomfort and stress to your dog. It is imperative to be aware of... Read more »

5 cat allergies to watch for

Cat allergies can present itself in many ways. As per the experts, an abnormal diet is a common trigger for cat allergies. An allergic feline’s immune system can even deem food or other substances that it ingests on a daily basis, as a threat. The cat’s immune systems then reject these allergens while exhibiting different... Read more »

5 Tips for Controlling Excessive Dog Shedding

The amount of hair shed by dogs varies with the breed. While the breeds like German Shepherds and Akita are active shedders, Bolognese, Border, and Terrier are not known for shedding frequently. However, if you notice that your dog has been shedding excessively against the normal shedding frequency pertinent to its breed, the scenario may... Read more »

Lick Granuloma In Dogs What You Need To Know

Skin problems in dogs are a common concern. Identifying the symptoms at the earliest can be the key to nipping the concern at its root. Among dog skin problems, lick granuloma or Acral Lick Granuloma is skin issue that has been on the rise, especially in the past decade. Untreated or unattended lick granuloma can... Read more »

cat kneading some popular theories

Cat kneading: Some Popular Theories

Cat kneading is considered as a show of affection and care that she shows towards the owner. Though, you might be stuck with a question in your mind- why do cats knead? Most often, cats knead before going in their curled-up position. Also, as a cat owner, you might be curious to know- will your... Read more »


A Buyer’s guide to Dog Anxiety Vests

Just like we humans, our furry friends can be victims of anxiety too. It could be due to various reasons like bad weather, loud noises, visitors, car travel and so on. Anxiety can make dogs whine, pant, tremble, be restless, while some can get violent or destructive. Anxiety wraps could be the answer to all... Read more »