An overview on chewing in puppies

Puppies are one of the cutest and curious animals that you would ever come across. They tend to explore everything new around them using their teeth. While it might sound cute, it can be havoc for the pet parent. Inappropriate chewing in puppies can be a big headache. There are some tips and tricks that... Read more »

An Overview on Brachycephalic Health Issues, Symptoms & Treatment Options

Brachycephalic or short-nosed dogs are one of the unique dog breeds that are characterized by some health concerns from birth. The structural deformity associated with the head in brachycephalic dogs constitutes for all the health concerns, known by the name Brachycephalic Obstructive Syndrome (BOAS). The term “BOAS” not only covers the breathing issues (the main... Read more »

Cat grooming: a comprehensive guide

From bathing your feline to trimming her nails, the task of cat grooming goes a long way. A happy kitty is a healthy kitty and as a feline parent, you wouldn’t want to ask for anything more. Here is a complete guide to cat grooming that will help you to attend to even the minute... Read more »

5 important dog shock collar training tips

Dog shock collars are one of the controversial training strategies used to make dogs behave. However, on some occasions, dog parents are forced to resort to this strategy to control their dog’s barking or to keep him confined to the desired area. While we do not fully agree with the idea of using these collars... Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Groom your Pet Regularly

Top 5 Reasons to groom your pet regularly

One way of ensuring proper hygiene for your furry companion is to groom him on a regular basis. We recommend pet parents to bring in their pets to groom every 6 to 8 weeks. There are several reasons that seconds grooming your pet on a regular basis, let us skim through some prominent ones. Appearance... Read more »

Things to consider when moving with your pet

Making your move to a new home can be a hectic task. The chaos of all the pertinent tasks and trucks can easily stress out your furry friend. Foreseeing certain factors while moving to a new home can help you to make the transition as easy possible for your pet. Choosing the new house When... Read more »

Dog and baby How to prepare a dog to welcome a new family member- part 1

Dog & Baby: How to prepare a dog to welcome a new family member- part 1

  There is nothing joyful as bringing in a newborn member to the family. As a parent to both your baby and pooch, it is your duty to foresee the changes that a newborn baby can inflict and prepare your dog for it. We suggest that you start preparing your dog well in advance prior... Read more »

A list of small brachycephalic dog breeds

A list of small brachycephalic dog breeds

Dogs belonging to the brachycephalic family have a smashed-in face with constricted airways and nose. Brachycephalic or short-nosed dogs are popular among the pet lovers for the right reasons. Ironically, parenting a brachycephalic dog breed can be a hassle as they require special care on most of the occasions. You can find brachycephalic dog breeds... Read more »

Is your dog Drooling Excessively, know why

Is your dog drooling excessively? Know why

Dogs are one among the popular pet choices across the globe. However, excessive drooling is not one among all the traits that them popular amid pet lovers. There are many reasons for dogs to drool; some dogs like Saint Bernard and mastiffs are born-droolers. As a matter of fact, a healthy slobber is ideal for... Read more »


How to bottle feed a kitten

Bottle feeding a kitten is a task that requires patience and time. Most of the pet parents find it difficult to bottle feed kittens, especially when they do not have any relevant experience. Normally, you don’t have to bottle feed a kitten; there are some special scenarios that might require you to perform this task,... Read more »