The 5 most popular flat faced cat breeds

Cats are adorable and one of the few perfect companions that you could ever ask for. There are different breeds of cats and flat faced or brachycephalic cats are standout. Cats belonging to the brachycephalic family have a smashed in face, which gives them a unique look. Most of the cat enthusiasts consider flat faced... Read more »

scared dog hiding under blanket

Dog fireworks anxiety: symptoms & precautions

Dogs usually cannot find peace with unexpected loud bangs and explosions. Your pooch will find it difficult to cope up with the fireworks and you can easily notice all those obvious symptoms like trembling, barking and pacing. As a dog parent, there are some strategies that you can try out to alleviate firework anxiety in... Read more »

Crazy facts about your dog’s tongue

  Dog parents usually underestimate their companion’s tongue. As a matter of fact, a dog’s tongue can always surprise you in different ways. A dog’s tongue, like any other organ, is an important one, which carries out multiple functions like swallowing, eating and even regulating their body temperature. Here are some interesting facts about your... Read more »

Dog stress- have you noticed these symptoms

Dog stress: have you noticed these symptoms?

Any pet parent will know that their four-legged companion is no stranger to stress. However, there are several stress symptoms or signs in dogs that are easy to miss out. Keep a close eye on your pooch, especially when introducing him to new things or on occasions like visiting the vet or dog park. This... Read more »

A fat brown cat with arthritis

5 ways to manage arthritis in cats

Arthritis is one among the common diseases concerning pets usually from their middle age. Arthritis is rare in cats when compared to dogs, however, the condition also known as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint diseases can lead to joint pains and inflammation. Felines, by nature are not expressive of their illness and pain. This is something... Read more »

Tips for caring for your senior pet

Watching our pet grow old can be comforting. At the same time, you need to keep be aware of the fact that your pet becomes vulnerable to several age related diseases. This is where you need to prepare yourself to invest some time and effort to give some additional care to your companion. There are... Read more »

Dog in clinic after snake bite

What to do if your dog is bitten by a snake?

Dogs are always armed with curiosity, it is common for them to come across snakes. We come across loss of snake bite cases, especially during summer, where the snakes are active when compared to the winter where they usually hibernate. Amazingly, snake bite is one of the most common causes of death in pets, especially... Read more »

A dog tired after vomiting, flu

Dog vomiting: causes and solutions

Vomiting in dogs can be considered as a common concern among the dog parents. Dogs can vomit due to reasons ranging from eating some unusual things to gulping down food too fast. At occasions, dog vomiting can also indicate some serious underlying health issues. As a dog parent, it is wise to be informed about... Read more »


Canine flu: what you need to know

Canine influenza or dog flu is a contagious disease in dogs which affects the respiratory system. The type A influenza virus also known as canine influenza virus is responsible for canine flu. The influenza virus can be distinguished into two: H3N8 H3N2 virus The virus was initially identified in Florida in 2004 and the dogs... Read more »

5 signs that your flat faced dog is feeling sick

5 signs that your flat faced dog is feeling sick

Flat faced or brachycephalic dog breeds are one of the prominent breeds known among the dog lovers. As per the survey conducted by Kennel Clubs, these dog breeds are becoming increasing popular. It is mandatory that pet lovers should consider buying a brachycephalic dog in a different light when compared to buying any other dog... Read more »