Lick Granuloma In Dogs What You Need To Know

Skin problems in dogs are a common concern. Identifying the symptoms at the earliest can be the key to nipping the concern at its root. Among dog skin problems, lick granuloma or Acral Lick Granuloma is skin issue that has been on the rise, especially in the past decade. Untreated or unattended lick granuloma can... Read more »

cat kneading some popular theories

Cat kneading: Some Popular Theories

Cat kneading is considered as a show of affection and care that she shows towards the owner. Though, you might be stuck with a question in your mind- why do cats knead? Most often, cats knead before going in their curled-up position. Also, as a cat owner, you might be curious to know- will your... Read more »


A Buyer’s guide to Dog Anxiety Vests

Just like we humans, our furry friends can be victims of anxiety too. It could be due to various reasons like bad weather, loud noises, visitors, car travel and so on. Anxiety can make dogs whine, pant, tremble, be restless, while some can get violent or destructive. Anxiety wraps could be the answer to all... Read more »

5 tips for creating a pet-friendly living space

Everyone loves pets, whether it is a cat or a dog. Jumping headfirst into a decision of getting a pet might not be a smart idea. It is imperative that you foresee some factors prior to actioning this decision. When getting a pet, you should be able to make peace with seeing hair all-around your... Read more »

Couples bonding with their dog

5 tips to bond with your new dog

The excitement of seeing your new furry friend for the first time – nothing can beat that! But when it comes to actually bond with your dog; some might gel immediately while some might take some time and effort. It is quite possible that the first few weeks might be a little uncomfortable for your... Read more »

dog running with a flea tratment brush in his mouth

5 Things That Can Make your Dog’s Flea Treatment Fail

Keeping their furry four-legged furry friend safe from fleas would be the dream of any dog owner. foreseeing some scenarios and taking some precautionary steps can help you achieve this goal. Proper administration of doses and a disciplined regime are two most important aspects in this regard. However, some aspects can fail flea treatment and... Read more »

Traveling with your dog

Traveling with your dog can be quite easy and comfortable if you plan and arrange everything ahead. Here we have given you some tips that should help you travel with your dog safely. By Car If you plan to travel by car, then the best way to travel with your dog would be in a... Read more »

Packing for your dog

Mothers would know how difficult it is to pack for a baby or a young kid. You have to be thorough and cannot forget to carry absolutely anything. A pet owner would surely agree. If you have a dog, then we’re sure that you have the same difficulties while packing for your dog. You might... Read more »

Puppy Socializing: The complete guide

Socializing your puppy can be one of the hardest things that you will come across. The time and effort that you invest in this ask are exponential to the success factor. Puppy socialization kicks off the minute you pick up your furry friend. The initial 16 weeks is crucial as it is this time frame... Read more »

Dog lying down with bandaid in head

5 things you didn’t know about dog flu

Watching your dog struggling due to a health concern like canine influenza can be heartbreaking. As a dog parent, it is important for you to understand the symptoms, the care and treatment options related to canine influenza. This post features some important aspects related to canine influenza that you as a dog owner should know.... Read more »