Packing for your dog

Mothers would know how difficult it is to pack for a baby or a young kid. You have to be thorough and cannot forget to carry absolutely anything. A pet owner would surely agree. If you have a dog, then we’re sure that you have the same difficulties while packing for your dog. You might... Read more »

Puppy Socializing: The complete guide

Socializing your puppy can be one of the hardest things that you will come across. The time and effort that you invest in this ask are exponential to the success factor. Puppy socialization kicks off the minute you pick up your furry friend. The initial 16 weeks is crucial as it is this time frame... Read more »

Dog lying down with bandaid in head

5 things you didn’t know about dog flu

Watching your dog struggling due to a health concern like canine influenza can be heartbreaking. As a dog parent, it is important for you to understand the symptoms, the care and treatment options related to canine influenza. This post features some important aspects related to canine influenza that you as a dog owner should know.... Read more »

beige puppy on person

Tips to remove dog hair from your clothes

Dog owners know how annoying dog hairs can be. If your furry friend sheds a lot, you will have trouble keeping the hairs of the clothes, bedding, and upholstery.  Have you ever imagined your dog without hair? It might not be a pleasant sight. Therefore, as a dog owner, you can avoid a scenario where... Read more »

5 tips for leaving your dog with a sitter

Dog owners love taking their pooch along with them wherever they go. Unfortunately, this may not be possible all the time. There’ll be times when you have to leave your dog with a pet sitter. This article features some tips on how you can leave your dog with a pet sitter and make the process... Read more »

A short nosed dog biting on a rope

How to stop your puppy from biting

Are you getting a new puppy? That must be nice! However, when it comes to young dogs not everything is cute and cuddly. There are some things that you need to be aware of and start training your puppy from day one. Foreseeing puppy behavioral aspects and understanding the importance of your role in shaping... Read more »

Orange tabby cat on brown surface

How to get rid of cat poop smell

Being a cat lover is great, but caring for them and keeping them clean as well as your home can be quite a task at times. If you are a cat lover, you would understand! Sometimes that cat odor or that cat poop smell can be quite nasty and lingering. This piece of content highlights... Read more »

5 tips for dining out with your dog

Those parents with young kids know how difficult it is to go to the movies or even dining out. Even the most well-mannered kids can sometimes get cranky at the very inopportune moment. Well, the same applies to pet owners too. But just because you have a dog, it doesn’t mean that you cannot take... Read more »

Mind-boggling modular systems that can turn walls into your cat’s playground

Keeping your pet active can be a challenge but a necessity. Obesity is a major concern and epic center that can trigger several health concerns in pets. Among the common pets, cats are more vulnerable to laziness and obesity. As a cat parent, if you work around the clock and do not have sufficient time... Read more »

5 essentials to add to your kitten checklist today

Getting a kitten can be exciting, preparing for her arrival needs foresight and planning. Cats are one of the easy-going pets that you can ever have. Looking after an adult cat is different from taking care of a kitten. The former will need special attention in terms of care and kitten essentials. Most of the... Read more »