7 Dog skin problems that you probably did not know about

Dog skin problem is a common diagnosis that costs their owners a considerable amount. Unfortunately, dogs are a tad more vulnerable to skin conditions than other health issues. Skin conditions in dogs can also be a sign of other underlying health issues. Dog skin conditions can be triggered by different factors ranging from allergies to... Read more »

5 things you probably did not know about your short nosed dog

5 things you probably did not know about your short nosed dog

Brachycephalic or short nosed dogs are a special dog breed categorized by flat or smashed in face. Short nosed dog breeds are known for their cuteness and are popular among the pet lovers. There several facts about short nosed dog breeds that most of the pet parents are unaware of. Here are five interesting facts... Read more »

Your Questions About Canine Influenza — Answered

Canine influenza is highly infectious and dogs can get it year round. So, what exactly is the dog flu and what can you do about it? That and more, answered. For people, flu season is right around the corner, but did you know that for dogs flu season never ends? The dog flu is active... Read more »

Pet Parasites to be Aware of this Summer

Pet parasites to be aware of this summer

Pets, especially dogs and cats are often treated as family members. As a pet parent, it is your duty to provide your animal companion with the proper care at the most difficult occasions. Experts believe that pets, espeically dogs require special care during summer. Even though pets are vulnerable to parasite infection at any time,... Read more »

Tips to consider when choosing bowl for your dog

Tips to consider when choosing a dog bowl

Have you been to a pet shop recently? If yes, you might have noticed dog bowls in different shapes and sizes. You are mistaken if you felt that this is just an attempt to attract attention. Dog bowls in different sizes and shapes are uniquely designed for different purposes or dog breeds. This post will... Read more »

Dog Water Safety Tips

Pet dog water safety tips

As a dog parent, you should know that all the dogs are not good swimmers. Even if your dog is an avid swimmer, it is not advised to leave him unsupervised near any kind of water resources, especially during summer. Dog water safety can be a major headache, especially, when your pet is not a... Read more »

Did you know that your pet can get stressed during summer?

Heatstroke in pets is a condition that arises when their body takes in more heat than it can dissipate. Heatstroke, a condition which is often overlooked by pet owners is a serious concern that can cause multiple organ failure and even death. Most of the pet owners are also unaware of the fact that their... Read more »

Tips to choose a boarding Kennel

Pet parents usually choose to leave pet care to facilities like boarding kennel when they go away on a vacation or business trip. When you are in search of a pet boarding kennel, there are some factors that you need to consider.  This post will feature some of the important tips to consider when choosing... Read more »

Pet microchipping frequently asked questions part 2

In our previous post, we had already discussed some important aspects related to pet microchipping: “what is a pet microchip” and “How does a pet microchip work”. Let’s dig deep into some more frequently asked questions related to pet microchipping. Which animals are usually microchipped? Cats and dogs are most commonly microchipped pets. Bird microchipping... Read more »

Dog Flea Frequently Asked Questions

Dog fleas: frequently asked questions

Fleas are six-legged parasites that thrive on your pets, especially dogs, by consuming their blood and causing diseases if left untreated for a prolonged duration. There are several types of fleas and each of these species master in making your dog’s life miserable. The common types of fleas found in dogs are Oriental Rat Flea,... Read more »