Pet Insurance

Here at Richmond Valley, we highly recommend investing in pet insurance for your four legged family members. Unexpected emergencies and medical expenses can emerge, even amongst the healthiest of pets.

Pet insurance provides the peace of mind that your pet can get the best possible care and attention should they suffer a covered illness or accident. Policy costs vary widely, depending on the age and breed of the animal and the different packages available.

Some insurance companies offer comprehensive care, including examinations, vaccinations and flea, tick and heartworm prevention. Other plans offer only accident or illness policies. Based on your policy, the insurance company you choose would reimburse you for covered expenses.

The following is a list of Pet Insurance companies that some of our clients have had experience with, along with links to their respective websites:

Embrace Pet Insurance
Pets Best
Healthy Paws

if you would like to explore rates and read reviews on available insurance policies, visit