Caring for your dog’s coat

Keeping your dog’s coat healthy and shiny can be a struggle. Most pet parents are unaware of the fact that the health statistics of their dog is directly proportional to the health and the shiny appearance of the coat.

This blog post features some actionable tips for maintaining your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

Prior to trying out different strategies to make your dog’s coat look healthy and shiny, you might want to start by looking into why his coat is looking dull. Some causes for your dog’s coat to appear dull are:

Poor nutrition: Poor nutrition is often the main culprit behind a dull or dry dog coat. Essential fatty acids, namely Omega 3 and Omega 6 are the secret to a healthy dog coat.

However, your dog’s system is unable to produce this on its own and it is expected to be procured from the diet. Therefore, diets low in the essential fatty acids can lead to dry and dull coats in dogs.

Parasites: parasites that get into your dog’s systems or that feed on your dog’s coat can make his coat dull and dry. Worms and parasites, if left untreated, are known to take a lion’s share of your dog’s nutritional intake, giving rise to the issue of a dry and dull coat.

Tips for a healthy and shiny dog coat

Set a diet rich in essential fatty acids for a healthy dog coat. Tuna, sardines, eggs, mackerel, chicken, and salmon are rich sources of essential fatty acids. See that you incorporate this into your dog’s diet plan.

While buying commercial dog diets, ensure that it contains a balance of all the nutrition. Some cheap commercial foods claim that they contain fatty acids, but they might not. Therefore, it is ideal to stick with reputed brands when it comes to buying commercial food for your dog.

Regular dog grooming:

Grooming your dog on a frequent basis can help you to improve the health of his coat. As per experts, grooming a dog’s coat can regulate the skin oxygen supply which in turn can make his coat look healthy and shiny. Make sure to use customized dog grooming combs and brushes to groom your dog.

Bathing your dog:

Bathing your dog regularly and shampooing him at times can help to clean the coat shiny and healthy. Do not overuse the shampoo as it can wash away the essential oils from the dog’s skin and leave the coat dry.

It is ideal to use the shampoo only once a month or as per your dog’s lifestyle. For instance, if your dog spends most of the time outdoors, you might want to bath him regularly and use shampoo more than once a month. On such occasions, use a mild shampoo.

Looks for symptoms of illness

Dogs try to keep themselves clean and therefore they self-groom. If your dog is unwell, he might stop grooming all of a sudden in addition to other symptoms like lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and bad breath.

If your dog’s coat still looks dull and if you observe these signs, book an appointment with a veterinarian for a detailed check-up.

Caring for your dog’s coat can be a challenge as it requires constant attention and care. Keep aside some time to spend with your dog and ensure that you watch him closely.