Cleaning tips for cat and dog owners

Cleaning tips for cat and dog owners

A furry member in your family can always turn out to be an amazing companion. Pets, especially cats and dogs are known to keep family members active and cheerful with their playfulness. Dogs and cats are always cute, but messy at the same time, avoid frustrating yourself with the mess, these lovely creatures create by following some simple cleaning tips for cat and dog owners, listed here.

Cleaning pet hair

A lint roller is always an ideal device when it comes to getting rid of cat or dog hair from upholstery, clothing, floors etc in case of emergencies like an unannounced guest. You can also resort to pet hair vacuums for a more thorough pet hair cleaning experience. On the flip side, if you haven’t earmarked any funds for pet cleaning devices you can stick with a DIY device: A combination of duct tape and paint roller cover. As a matter of fact, the duct tape paint roller combination is considered to be more effective and faster than the vacuuming, furthermore, with this cleaning device, you can even save some money over the electric bills.

Getting rid off pet odor and stains

Today, you have different solutions and chemical agents in the market that are known for removing pet odors and stains. Among these solutions are Enzymes: enzymes are known to alleviate the concerns of pet odor by releasing harmless bacteria that consumes the organic matter in the pet stains. Once the organic matter is consumed by the bacteria, the bacteria responsible for the odor, perishes due to the scarcity of food.  A DIY solution for getting rid off pet odor and stains is a solution which is a mixture of water and vinegar. Apply baking soda on top of the stain and sprinkle the water and vinegar mixture over the baking soda to remove the stain and odor.

Tidying up the eating area or litter

Pets, especially cats and dogs are known to be messy with food on almost all the occasions, feeding them without the possibility of any debris/leftover is a rarity. Similarly, getting rid of their litter can also be a tedious task. This is where thinking ahead can pay off. You can always keep a mat under their feeding bowl and with the litter pan; you consider lining its interiors with a plastic kitchen bag. Adding a layer of baking soda to the litter tray prior to applying the kitty litter can help control the unpleasant odor between litter changes.

Protection from pet scratches

Dogs and cats are known to scratch different surfaces like furniture upholstery, clothing and especially doors to indicate that that they want to go out or go to another room. You can trim the dog or cat nails on a regular basis to address this issue, additionally; you can also resort to the strategy of insulating the doors in your house with scratch-proof materials like Plexiglas or scratch-proof paints.

Cleaning after your pets can be a daunting task, especially, if you work around the clock. This is one of the reasons why it is highly recommended to foresee the different possibilities and turn to the above listed pet cleaning tips. Let us know how these tips worked out for you, do not hesitate to the comment section below to drop your valuable inputs.