Daily care checklist for your bulldog

Daily care checklist for your bulldog

Bulldogs are one of the brachycephalic dog breeds known for its loyalty and cuteness. However, as this dog breeds are characterized by skull conformation, they are known to have regular health issues pertaining to skin, eye, breathing pattern and heat tolerance. This is one of the reasons why it is highly recommended that you run some routine checkups for your bulldog. However, it is not an absolute necessity for you take your bulldog to a vet on a daily basis, follow the below listed bulldog daily care checklist to provide everyday care for your sweet little thing.

Bulldog diet plans

Bulldogs weighing 45- 55 pounds would require an average of 1400 calorie intake on a daily basis. Like all the other dog breeds, protein should be the main dietary ingredient for bulldog. As a matter of fact, it is recommended to include 22% and 18% of maintenance protein in the diets of puppy and adult bulldogs respectively. As the bulldogs are prone to hip dysplasia and joint problems, it is recommended to include sufficient amount of calcium and phosphorous in their diet. Ensure that your dog has access to clean water 24/7.

Grooming your bulldog

Unlike most of the dogs, bulldogs don’t show any objection to grooming; however, they might show some reluctance towards trimming. Bulldogs are one of the dog breeds that require regular grooming with a frequency rate of four times in a week. This breed likes to stay clean and it is essential for you to make grooming them a routine. It is not necessary that you take him to a vet for the cause, you can groom bulldogs at your home on a daily basis for a time period of ten to 15 minutes. Keep an eye out for skin lesions, dry skin, scabs and other infections while grooming your dog. Bathing frequency for bulldogs ranges from one to twice per month or as required.

Exercise for bulldogs

Even though it is widely believed that bulldogs like to stay inactive for a bigger portion of the day, this breed requires exercise on a regular basis. It is imperative for you to take your dog on 30 minutes to 1 hour walk on a daily basis, especially if his dietary plans comprises of fat in high quantities. While handling a puppy bulldog, you can consider taking him for short walks and increasing the distance with days or weeks.

Bulldog dental care

Bulldogs, by nature, are known for developing bad breath as they age. The brachycephalic nature or skull conformation causes bulldogs to breathe through its nose most of the time; this is something that contributes towards their bad breath. This is why it is highly recommended to take proper care of your bulldogs teeth on a regular basis. Follow a brushing frequency of three times a week and ensure that you also do a periodic check up for gum inflammation and redness, such irregularities usually indicates gingivitis and periodontitis, classified as periodontal disease.

Taking care of your bulldog can seem a tedious task at first, however, with time; the process will definitely turn out to be less time consuming and hectic. Ensure that you provide daily care for your bulldog from a young age.  It is also ideal to take your bulldog to a professional groomer once in every three or two months. You can also get a professional opinion from a bulldog specialized veterinarian in terms of bulldog nutrition, exercise and oral care.