Common health issues faced by brachycephalic dog breeds

Common health issues faced by brachycephalic dog breeds

Brachycephalic dog are the breeds with skull deformity which gives them a flat face and obstructed airway. Even though the abnormality with this breed makes them look a tad cuter than most of the other breeds, the cuteness comes with a prices. Brachycephalic dog breeds are known to exhibit several health related issues by default and these are commonly respiratory, skin and climate related. This is a guide that details the common health issues faced by brachycephalic or short-nose dog breeds.

Brachycephalic breathing issues

Due to the skull deformity, brachycephalic dogs have a really narrow nasal passage, which is supposed to accommodate all the soft tissues like tongue and palate.  Additionally, these dog breeds are also characterized by narrow nostrils and the crowding of all these soft tissues together with nasal cartilage contributes to the brachycephalic breathing disorder which is generally known as Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS).

Skin disorder

The skull deformity in brachycephalic dog breeds is not proportionate with the skin formation. Literally transformed, additional layers of skin get stacked up in folds on the face of such breeds. These skin folds are known to create a moist environment ideal for the formation of bacteria and other disease causing pathogens. This turns out to be the main reason for the brachycephalic skin issues like inflammation, irritation and white spots.


Brachycephalic dog breeds are know to experience shortness of breath quite regularly. The narrow nasal passages is the main culprit, hot and humid climatic conditions makes matters worse as the these dog breeds struggle to regulate their body temperature. As a result, brachycephalic dogs are highly vulnerable to heatstrokes.  This is why it is recommended to follow some special care tips for bulldogs and other brachycephalic dog breeds during summer.

Brachycephalic eyeball dislocation

Eyeball dislocation is one of the weirdest issues concerning brachycephalic dog breeds. The eyeballs of bulldogs and other short snouted dog breeds like Pekinese, Boston Terrier, Pugs etc can easily get popped out from the sockets. This is one of the main reasons why it is highly recommended to use harness to walk these breeds rather than leashes to avoid excessive pressure exerted via pulling. Additionally, the eyes of these protrude from their sockets and the eyelids cannot close completely on most of the occasions leading to dry eye, scar and irritation.

Dental issues

Brachycephalic dog breeds are known to experience dental discomfort; the skull deformation leads to asymmetric teeth distribution. Teeth are even found piled one upon the other. The fact that the all the teeth are tightly packed within the jaws makes it literally impossible to clean them professionally after subjecting the dog to anesthesia. As the teeth are closely packed, tarter and other food particles can easily get stuck between them to contribute dental issues. Brushing your dog daily is the only solution to keep the condition checked to a great extent.

Unlike all the other dog breeds, brachycephalic or short nosed dog breeds require additional care, as a caring brachycephalic dog owner, it is your duty to be vigilant and heed to the needs of your pet, at the earliest. Take him to a veterinarian at least once a month and see that you test him for all the concerns mentioned above.