How to Care for your French bulldog Puppy


French bulldogs were a result of a cross between local breeds from Paris called ratters and bulldogs from England, these breeds were initially considered as the miniature and playful variant of the Bulldog. Renowned for their affectionateness to respective family and all-around friendliness, these breeds can be peerless companion to man. As French bulldogs belong to the brachycephalic category, it is eminent for you to understand that they need special attention which may vary with respect to factors like season change, life cycle change etc. Compiled here are a few tips to that would help you in taking care of your French bulldog puppy in the most impeccable manner.

Encouraging puppy to do its ‘business ‘outdoors

One of the first things that you will have to train your French bulldog puppy would be to go outside to do his business. While, French bulldogs are miniature dogs, which usually blend really well with apartment life, it is also essential that you train them at a very young age to eliminate outside. Even though this breed doesn’t require much indoor space, they prefer a tidy area to sleep and play, it is necessary that you get him accustomed to an outdoor area where he can do his business. Tell him to go outside and initially take him to the farthest spot in your backyard to do his business. Encourage him after he has done his business and you can even reward him with treats.


French bulldogs are intelligent and easy to train and usually exhibit a relaxed attitude towards training. These playful breed can be trained easily if you carry out the training sessions in a playful manner by maintaining the fun factor throughout the sessions. French bulldogs are renowned as free thinkers and it is essential for you to give them their own space while the training sessions.  This bulldog breed demands lots of care and attention and hence it is vital for you to praise and spend some time with him after each training session.


With a high potential for playfulness, French bulldogs also require exercise at mild levels. Keep tabs on the weight of your dog and ensure that you take him 20 minutes walk per day to keep the weight levels in check. Always be aware of the fact that, these breeds do not handle hot and humid climatic conditions really well, therefore, do not over-exercise them to avoid breathing issues or heat exhaustion.


French bulldogs are known to exhibit eye issues. They are susceptible to issues pertaining to eyes like Cheery eye, Glaucoma, Corneal ulcers etc. This breed is also vulnerable for tear stains and it is also essential that you clean the skin folds beneath the eye and keep it dry to avoid formation of bacteria.

French bulldogs are known as excellent apartment dwellers as they get along easily with children and family members, in addition to exhibiting extremely low tendency to barking. However, this bulldog breed can be a tad messy when compared to the other breeds as they tend to drool and shed a bit more than their counterparts. It is advised to take you’re your pet to a specialized veterinarian at least once a month for a complete checkup.