Special care tips for bulldog and other short-snouted dogs in summer

Special care tips for bulldog and other short-snouted dogs in summer

Hot climatic conditions present a challenge for short-snouted dog owners, especially bulldog owners. Short-snouted or Brachycephalic dogs are known for the skull conformation, which contributes to their breathing problems. Some of the common Brachycephalic or short-snouted dog breeds are: French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Pg, Shih Tzu, Brussels Griffon, Boxer etc. The skull deformity makes these breeds have a short nose and flattened face, the condition; in-turn, gives way to an underdeveloped airway anatomical design.

Short-snouted dog breathing problems in summer

Dogs regulate body temperature via panting and they indulge in excessive panting during hot and humid climatic conditions to regulate optimum body temperature. Therefore, hot and humid climatic conditions, leaves the Brachycephalic dog breeds with bigger concerns. The airway deformity makes it really hard for these dog breeds to regulate their body temperature via panting. The humidity hinders the respiratory process and the dogs can easily experience breathing trouble at stressful conditions.  As a dog owner, you can follow these tips to take care of bulldogs and other short-snouted dogs in summer season.

Contain your dog indoors

It is always ideal to have your short-snouted furry friend spent most of his time indoors during summer or a really sunny day. So keep tabs on the temperature and humidity statistics and when you feel that conditions are intensifying, try to keep your friend to his crate or favorite room. Give him some treats and spent some time with him so that he doesn’t feel restrained. If you are expecting continuous hot and humid days, don’t keep your dog from taking strolls. Take him for a stretch or stroll during the morning and evening hours.

Diet patterns

Offer your short nosed pooch with special diets for summer. Frozen chicken or beef broth is literally an ideal treat for Brachycephalic dogs in summer. Frozen Kong stuffing is another great idea of summer dog diet, fill the Kong with your dog’s favorite food portion and freeze it overnight to keep him energetic throughout the day.  Such diets encourages your dog to stay energetic, happy and to have a tendency to intake more fluids. Additionally, ensure that your short-snouted friend stays hydrated throughout the day by giving him water at frequent intervals.

Don’t try to cool him off quickly

You cannot have eyes on your pet all the time, especially when you work around the clock. At times, things can get out of hand, he can cut loose and go for a stroll exposing himself to mid day sun. When you find him all heated up, your priority would be too cool him down as soon as possible. However, you should not try to cool him off quickly. With their airway deformation, they can get out of breath easily; do not jump headfirst into the option of putting him for a bath and do not bathe him in ice water, because cold water can close off the skin pores and prevent cooling of the internal organs. Take a gradual approach, cover him with a wet towel and use a fan or air conditioner to bring down his body temperature in a uniform manner.

Taking care of a bulldog or any short snouted dog during summer can be a challenging task. Hope these tips will help you to keep your loved one safe and happy throughout summer.