Common bath mistakes made by pet owners Part 1

Common bath mistakes made by pet owners

Pets and bath are often too hard to put together. Bathing can be a relaxing and soothing experience from a human’s perspective, but with all the shampooing and scrubbing, pets often feel otherwise. Therefore, there is no wonder that you and your pet have different opinions when it comes to bathing. As a pet parent, it is essential for you to know some of the common pet bathing mistakes that should be kept at bay at any cost, let us skim through the common pet bathing mistakes.

Not getting a grip

Most of the pet owners choose to bathe their pets in the bathtub, however, they forget to heed to the fact that bath tubs or the bathroom floor can be really slippery and can easily make your pet uncomfortable. This is why it is recommended to get a non-slip bath mat for your pet, to give him a good reason to consider complying with you, to start with.

Not checking water temperature

If your pet just went through an exercise session or just had a long walk, it is ideal to wash him in cold water, right? The answer is NO, trying to cool of your pet by bathing it in cold water or trying to warm him up by bathing him in hot water is not recommended at any cost. Always choose lukewarm water at moderate temperature.

Unregulated water spray

Using a powerful water spray on your pet’s body might seem to be an easy way to get rid off all the dirt and maybe even the ticks, but this is a misconception. Using a harsh water spray can be frightening for your pet and when its time for his next bath, he is bound to resist. Therefore, use a gentle water spray and spray the water soothingly, start from his back and prevent spraying water on his face.

Choosing concentrated shampoo

One of the easiest alternatives to pet shampoo is to your own shampoo that is all natural, right? NO, it is always recommended to purchase a pet shampoo as shampoo for humans can be a tad more concentrated when compared to pet shampoos and the former can easily make your pet skin dry off abnormally.

Shampoo application

The love for you pet restrains you from applying the shampoo to his fur and agitating it, instead you apply the shampoo, let it soak for a couple of minutes and rinse it off with water. You should understand that just letting the shampoo soak into your pet’s fur doesn’t help to get rid off the dirt and oil. You have to work up the shampoo into this fur to trap the dirt and get it rinsed off. You can massage the shampoo into your pet’s fur with your own hands and ensure that you do not do if for a prolonged period. Massage actively for five minutes and rinse the shampoo off gently.

Bathing your pet is a task that requires time and patience; ensure that you can set aside enough time for the task, prior to taking it up.