Common bath mistakes made by pet owners Part 2

Common bath mistakes made by pet owners

Make it mandatory to bathe your dog or cat, at least once a month. You have already gone through some of the common mistakes that pet parents make while bathing their dog or cat, this article throws light on more bath mistakes that are usually overlooked by pet owners.

Ignoring fur tangles or matts

Brushing your pet before and after the bath is a necessity. Use a dry brush to brush your cat/dog prior to bathing. The strategy helps you to get any debris and dirt from your pet’s coat. Most of the pet owners overlook the possibility of fur knots while brushing their pets. If you brush your pet on a regular basis, the possibility of furs getting entangled is a rarity. Fur knots cannot be detangled with brushing; trying to do so can inflict some serious pain and turn out to be a negative grooming experience for your pet. Use your hands to work gently through the fur knots.

Bad drying off techniques

Bathing a pet can be time-consuming and most of the pet owners try to dry off their pet in haste. This is where they end up resorting to blow dryers; however, it is always ideal to restrain yourself from using such a device and leave it to the professionals. The task of regulating the blow dryer temperature with respect to your pet’s comfort can be tricky. Additionally, the noise from the blow dryer can also make your pet stressful. This is why it is highly recommended to try and dry off your pet with towels, lots of them. Gently and slowly squeeze the fur of your pet with fresh dry towels. Continue toweling until you ensure that your loved one’s fur is no longer dripping wet.

Regular bathing

Cats and dogs are good self-groomers. These animals like to keep themselves clean. Most of the pet parents neglect this aspect and follow an aggressive bathing schedule for their loved ones. Bathing your pet too often can cause several issues like skin irritation, loss of natural oils present in the skin. Additionally, the use of highly concentrated shampoo can worsen the consequences. It is always recommended to bath your pet only once in a month and choose the right shampoo after consulting with a veterinarian.

Trying to bath your pet all by yourself

Pets, especially cats can be unpredictable. It is not advised to bath your pet all by yourself so as to alleviate the possibility of any accidents. You might need an additional hand to hold your pet in position while applying shampoo or trying to untangle the knots or matts. With an assisting hand, you can always reduce the possibility of your pet trying to scram.

Picturing a plan or checklist in mind prior to commencing the pet bathing process is an ideal strategy that would enable you to carry out the task in a jiffy and efficiently.