The most popular cat myths debunked part 1

Most of us have heard about famous myth regarding cats that they have nine lives. While most of the individuals and pet lovers (who don’t own a cat) enjoy such myths, cat owners seem to be a tad curious/worried or sometimes driven to take some wrong actions with respect to some common myths regarding cats. This blog post will debunk some of the common cat myths for all the curious cat lovers.

 Cat and their 9 lives

Let’s start with one of the prominent cat myths among all, cat and their 9 lives. So, do cats really have 9 lives?? This is actually a myth, the origin of which is vague. Literally, the origin of this myth has been traced back to different theories based on William Shakespeare’s work and Egyptian era and religion. There has been an old proverb from an unknown source that claims that cats have nine lives, 3 each for playing, straying and staying. In the ancient Egypt, cats were regarded as sacred and even worshipped; therefore, it is widely believed that the myth originated from this era. We also have a group of individuals who believe that cat and 9 lives myth is derived from the animal’s ability to survive difficult situations and that too really impressively.

Cat always land on their feet

The righting reflex exhibited by cats provides her with the ability to maintain her posture during free fall and land on legs. However, one cannot say that cat’s can land on her feet all the time. Cats usually find it difficult to maintain this posture during free fall from great heights. As a matter of fact, we have had several cases where cats were rushed in to be treated for falling from great heights.

Cat’s eats grass when they are sick

If you own a cat or if you have been around cats for long, you might have definitely seen her consuming grass. There has been a myth regarding cats and grass consumption. Apparently, cats eat grass when they are sick; however, this myth masks one of the cool traits exhibited by cats. As a matter of fact, cats uses grass a form of laxatives to get rid off ingested food that its digestive mechanism finds too hard to break down. So, cat can consume grass in small amounts to get disgorge feathers, bones or anything unwanted that she accidentally ingested.

Milk is good for cat, especially for kittens

Even though cats show a fondness for milk, consuming lots of milk can easily make them sick. For kittens, breastfeeding from the mother is something inevitable; however, milk from other sources does not really blend in with their digestive system and leads to conditions like diarrhoea. Cats are lactose intolerant by genetics, i.e. they cannot break down enzymes in milk from other sources than their mother, especially cow’s milk.

Looking forward to getting more cat myths debunked? Well, you will have to wait a tad longer, meanwhile, do not hesitate us to drop us a comment or query regarding cat care or pet care.