Some unknown facts about French bulldog

Some unknown facts about French bulldog

French bulldogs are adorable and one among the top companion dog breeds. French bulldogs related to the brachycephalic dog category, which is characterised with some genetic issue, if you decide to be the pet parent of a French bulldog, you might have to invest a tad more of effort and time in taking care of your pooch. However, the loyalty and braveness exhibited by such breed type makes all your efforts worth it. There are some amazing, unknown or charming facts about French bulldog that any dog love should know.

French bulldogs are from France

Wait, what? If dogs mean the world to you might have already guessed it already. The truth is, even though French Bulldogs were bred in France, their origins are rooted back to England. There is an interesting story behind all this origin theory behind French Bulldogs. The lace makers who worked in England used small pups or what they called to be the toy version of the big dogs in England, as lap-warmers while they worked. With time, as the industry moved to France, the workers took their pups along to France and it is believed that the breed French bulldog was a result of breeding these miniature English dogs with French Terriers.

French Bulldogs are not really good swimmers

While the majority of the dogs are avid simmers, French Bulldogs belong to the minority that really finds it difficult to swim. So if you own a French bulldog, it is ideal to keep this mind while planning a beach vacation or when you have a pool at your house. Keep a close eye on your pooch and ensure that he stays away from water.

French Bulldogs are not a great companion to fly

While known as a great companion dog, French Bulldogs wouldn’t share the same title if you wish to fly with them. Being a brachycephalic dog breed, French Bulldogs are prone to face breathing issues while flying. As a matter of fact, some of the airlines refuses to carry short-snouted dogs, especially French Bulldogs. Therefore, if you wish to fly with your dog, it is important that you resort to some of the pet-friendly airlines.

Do not yell at them

Frenchies are as sensitive as they are cute. These light-hearted, fabulous family dogs cannot take criticism. Therefore, yelling and scolding a French bulldog is hardly recommended. On the flip side, be affectionate to him to know what pure affection and commitment are.

Two ear types

Interestingly, French bulldogs come with two types of ears. The original breed of French Bulldogs with roots back in England had rose-shaped ears. However, the American version of the French bulldogs has bat-shaped ears.

French Bulldogs need help to breed

French Bulldogs are characterised with narrow a hip, which makes it really difficult for them to copulate. This is one of the reasons why the majority of the French bulldogs are bred through artificial insemination. The artificial insemination factor also makes the French bulldog really expensive. Additionally, French Bulldogs are also usually delivered by caesarian section.

Do you feel like owning a French bulldog, if you don’t own one already? If yes, you have made a great choice, you should also know that French Bulldogs are even liked by celebrities. Leonardo DiCaprio, Hillary Duff, Lady Gaga are some of the celebrities who own this amazing dog breed.