Puppies and children handling tips PART 2

Pretty Child Hugs Little Dog

Being a parent to both children and your pet can be a challenging task, we already enlightened you with some of the tips to engaging or handling puppies and children. Let’s jump into some more tips related to the same.

Can you manage?

The news of adopting a puppy can get your kids excited or on most occasions, it will be your kids who would bug you to get a puppy. No matter, how much they plead or beg, take some time to ask yourself this question: “Do I have the time?” even if your kid promises to take care of the puppy all day long and do all the pertinent chores, you should understand that this excitement can easily wear off with time. At the end of the day, the decision to adopt or buy a puppy should be driven by the facts related to how you can manage the situation.

Don’t hand the control over to your kids

Do not make your kid babysit the puppy. Children are not expected to make the right decision all the time, which is normal. On the contrary, puppies are also not known to make good decisions. Therefore, leaving both kids and puppies together and expecting them to make wise decisions is not a good idea.  To summarize, it is better not to let your kids’ babysit the puppy, especially when there is no supervision.

Nurture the relationship

An ideal strategy to socialize children with puppies is to encourage them to assist you with the daily puppy care chores. A puppy requires attention on a daily basis and you can encourage your kids to assist you with the tasks like cleaning the puppy bowls, filling it with water, bathing the puppy etc. You can also show your kids how to treat another being so that they realize how important it is to be kind and gentle to animals. Let your children see you rewarding your puppy for the good deeds he does, the way you appreciate your puppy and how caring and gentle you are towards the puppy during the occasion teaches them how to interact with the puppy. Furthermore, such situations can even come in handy in developing a sense in your children in regards to how to be gentle towards other human beings.

Handling puppies and visitors

When your kid’s friends come over, it is ideal not to force them to accustom with the puppy. Under such circumstances, make sure that the puppy stays under your supervision and the children enjoy their play session. It is not necessary that all children love puppies and you can avoid any awkward situation if you let the children and puppy spend the time separately during such circumstances. It is okay to introduce the puppy to the visitors and let them play with him for some time and that too under your supervision, but do not encourage them to make the puppy participate in their play.

Handling puppies and children can be a tedious task, following the pertinent tips listed here will definitely give you a good start.