Flat faced cat breathing problems

Flat faced felines are known to have a peculiar but lovable look. Similar to brachycephalic dog breeds, flat faced cats also face several breathing issues. If you are planning to adopt or by any of the flat-faced feline breeds, it is vital that you are aware of the breathing problems faced by this feline breed.

Airway obstruction

The skull deformity in brachycephalic cat breeds gives way to partial nostril obstruction. This is something that leads to breathing issues in flat faced cats. If you decide to get a flat faced cat as a pet, you need to keep an eye out for pertinent health issues like snoring, gagging, tachypnea etc. These symptoms indicate that your cat is having some serious breathing issues.

Cause of this condition

Even though brachycephalic cat breeds are born with constricted nostrils there are some external factors that can make the condition worse. Some of these factors are exercise, obesity and allergies.

Exercise: as flat faced felines have obstructed nostrils, they tend to go out of breath easily. Therefore, engaging your cat in exercise for excessive duration can easily induce the condition of breathlessness or dyspnea.

Obesity: Obesity in cats causes several health issues ranging from diabetes to difficulty to breath. Obesity is a crucial factor that leads to breathing troubles, especially in flat faced felines.

Allergies: Allergies in cats lead to elevated breathing patterns, which makes it much more difficult for the flat faced felines to breathe.

Other issues like the presence of a foreign object in the airway tract or the swelling of the airway lining due to any infection can also induce breathlessness in this breed.


The breathing problem in brachycephalic cats is mainly identified via two tests called laryngoscopy and tracheoscopy. These tests enable the veterinarians to get a detailed view of the cat’s airway tract to identify possible issues like overlong palate, abnormal swelling and collapsed trachea.


Taking some precautionary measures against brachycephalic cat breathing issues is always better than trying to wait for the symptoms to show. Always take special care of your flat faced cat during warm and humid climatic conditions. It is also imperative to be aware of the common feline allergens and keep them off the charts. The treatment for breathing issues in flat faced felines varies with respect to the type and severity of the symptoms exhibited. Treatment options ranging from oxygen supply to surgical procedures are commonly used by veterinarians.

Post surgery

If your cat undergoes a surgery for the breathing issues, it is essential that you keep a close eye on her for the next four weeks. Avoid exercises and always keep your cat’s breathing and heart rate under check. If you observe any abnormality with respect to breathing pattern, temperature etc, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

Be aware of the fact that deciding to become the parent of a flat faced feline is a big responsibility. But if you are a pet lover, you can always pull it off without serious concerns.