Tips to keep your dog healthy during summer

Tips to keep your dog healthy during summer

Summer is always the best time to make some memorable outdoor moments. However, if you own a dog and if you decide to spend the summer outdoors with him, it is imperative that you consider some tips to ensure optimum health of your furry friend, especially when the temperature is taking its toll. Follow these tips to ensure that your dog stays healthy throughout the summer.

Sun protection

You would find it hard to believe if we said that we have had people in our clinic who were unaware of sunscreen for dogs. Like humans, dogs are also susceptible to cancer, especially when their skin gets exposed to excessive sunlight. This is why we recommend you to use sunscreen for your dogs, ensure that you apply sunscreen on a consistent basis, especially when he is expected to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors and soon after he has had a dip in a pool or a lake.

No haircuts, please

When you think about using sunscreen for dogs, most of the pet parents would definitely think about giving their dog a haircut so that it would be easier for them to apply sunscreen. The thought that cutting some hair off your dog’s body will also help him to cool down quickly, compels dog parents to resort to this option. But we strongly advise against giving your dog a haircut during summer. As a matter of fact, a dog’s coat plays a vital role in regulating his body temperature. If you give your dog a haircut during summer, he becomes more vulnerable to sunburn and fatigue.

Use paw protection

It is always ideal to make your dog wear paw protection when you take him outdoors during summer. During summer, even the pavements made of wood can get heated up, therefore, resort to paw balms and other solutions that can protect your dog’s paws from the scorching heat, you can also invest on dog booties to keep your furry friend’s feet safe.

Keep your dog hydrated

Since dogs tend to stay active, especially when they are taken outdoors, they can easily fall pray for dehydration during summer. This is why we highly recommend keeping your dog hydrated throughout the session where he spends time outdoors. Ensure that you carry plenty of water with your when you take him outdoors for a trip or a walk. Make it a point to take frequent breaks and let him cool off a bit under any shade. Do not leave your dog locked in the car or any outdoor confined spaces.

Beware of parasites

Summer can give you great opportunities to take your pets outside for a walk or exercise sessions. However, it is important for you to understand that the season also brings in the possibility of tick and flea infection for dogs. Ticks and fleas are known to proliferate in the warm climatic conditions. Therefore, ensure that you groom your dog once he completes an outdoor session during summer.

Always keep a close eye on your dog during summer and watch out for any abnormal behaviour like excessive panting, fatigue etc. Follow the above tips to ensure that your dog enjoys the summer as much as you do.