Top 5 facts about Boston Terriers

Eight top facts about Boston Terriers

AKA America’s pride and joy, Boston Terrier earned fame in no time. They also won the hearts of the UK natives as one of the popular breeds in the UK. Today, Boston terrier is becoming one of the widely chosen pets among Americans and British. If you are planning to adopt or buy this cute bundle of joy, it is ideal to be aware of some of the facts related to this amazing breed.

Boston Terrier or French Bulldog?

Even the dog lovers can find it hard to distinguish between a Boston terrier and French bulldog. The fact that both these breeds look similar and are about the same size makes it hard to tell one from the other. Moreover, both these breeds are rooted back to the English bulldog explains the astonishing similarity between them. Additionally, while the Terriers’ weight from 10 to 25 pounds their French counterpart, weigh 22 to 30 pounds.

Boston terrier seems to be a tad more energetic when compared to the French Bulldog. However, both these breeds cannot withstand extreme climatic conditions. Therefore, they are usually considered as indoor dogs.

You know who the state dog of Massachusetts is?

Yes, you guessed it right. Boston Terrier is crowned as the state dog of Massachusetts and they have been enjoying the limelight from this fame from 1979. Being the first purebred breed in America in 1869, Boston terrier easily won the heart of pet lovers, with their characteristics like loyal, friendly, easy to train and intelligent.

Boston terriers are brachycephalic

Yes, Boston terriers look cute, the fact that they fall into the brachycephalic category gives them this rare but special look. Ironically, this breed faces all the common health issues faced by brachycephalic dog breeds. Therefore, if you plan to adopt a Boston Terrier, you might as well perform a research about the special care needs pertinent to brachycephalic dog breeds.

Boston terriers are awful simmers

Planning beach vacations while you own a Boston Terrier might not be a great idea. Boston terriers are not considered to be great swimmers. The heavy built anatomical structure of the head and neck of these breeds makes it difficult for them to swim. The neck of Boston Terriers is a bit wide and this structure houses more muscles. The dogs with heavily developed muscles in neck and head cannot even swim at all.

Boston Terriers & caesarian section

One of the other issues related to the anatomical structure of Boston terriers is that they require assistance in delivering their young. These dog breeds, by nature, are characterised by narrow hips, which make it difficult for them to deliver young ones. This is why most of the Boston Terriers deliver via caesarian section.

Boston Terriers are known for their intelligence and their ability to be protective. Boston terriers are one of the amazing pets to own. If you are in search for a dog breed, who is loyal, affectionate and loves to please, look no further.