Amazing facts about pugs


Amazing facts about pugs

The origin of pugs is rooted back to China from where they were introduced to Europe in the 16th century. The pugs earned popularity in the United Kingdom during the 19th century when Queen Victoria shared her fascination for this breed, which eventually convinced other members of the royal family to adopt this breed as pets.

Pugs are one among the cutest dog breeds known to mankind. With wrinkly skin, curled tail and smashed-in face they look like a miniature version of the mastiff. The fact the pug’s head is large when compared to its body is something that adds to its cuteness. There are some amazing facts about pugs that would excite any dog lover.

Story behind the famous smushed face in pugs

The smushed face that contributes to all the cuteness is literally a deformity in the skull. Short nosed or flat faced dogs similar to pugs are known as brachycephalic dogs. The condition makes the skull of the dogs wide but the facial features appear to be smashed in. Brachycephalic dog breeds are known to exhibit several health related issues.

Pugs run at a speed of 3-5 miles per hour

Yea, you might have guessed it already. With short legs and a small body, they are never a strong candidate as runner. Additionally, pugs are also not known for swimming.

Pug’s tail

According to the experts, a perfect pug breed’s tail consists of two curls.

There is a pug who has earned an MBA

Wait, what? Yes, Chester Ludlow a pug from Vermont has secured an online MBA degree awarded by the Rochville University. Apparently, the pug applied online and paid a fee of $499 to get an instant degree. A detailed research into the topic revealed that it was a stunt by a site called

 Pugs sleep for the major portion of a day

Pugs loves to sleep, as a matter of fact, the breed is known for sleeping an average of 14 hours a day i.e. roughly equal to 5 to 6 hours of snoozing during the day time and 8 to  9 hours of sleep time during the night. The sleeping of pugs can also be affected factors like climatic conditions, breathing problems and location.

Pugs are excellent companions

It’s hard to find a better companion dog than pugs. These little bundles of joy are so committed that they sacrifice their comfort for yours. They always want to tag along by your side, irrespective of whether you want to spend the day outdoors or indoors. They are happy as long as you are enjoying your time. With an amazing personality, pugs are also known to blend in well with children even when they are tagged as strong-minded.

Pugs are vulnerable to obesity

Yes, they are so cute to be true; however, owners of pugs need to be careful about treating them like their child. Pugs tend to earn weight in a snap. Therefore, it is essential that you plan a workout routine for him in addition to planning a balanced diet. Since they belong to the brachycephalic breed, you can also consider some these tips while planning a workout routine for your little one.

Pugs are one of the most loved dog breeds among dog lovers, if you own a pug, just make sure that he gets all the special care that dogs belonging to this breed needs.