Cat scratching and solutions

Cat scratching and solutions

Felines are one among the popular pets among the pet lovers. But your four-legged friend can always show some signs of distress or other behavioral issues in one way or the other. As the parent of a cat, you need not worry, if your feline is or has started exhibiting some behavioral issues. Excessive scratching in cats is one of the most common issues that bother any cat parent. The fact is, you can easily get rid of this behavioral issue in a cat with a little help.

Why do cats scratch?

Cats are one of the few animals blessed with amazing claws and they like to use them whenever they can. Kittens are so fond of using claws while playing and the adult felines use scratching for different purposes like:

  • To mark their territory or to leave their scent
  • Sharpen their claws and even to get rid of the old ones for a means to expose the new ones
  • To flex their body
  • When they are bored

Excessive scratching behavior in cats can place your furniture, floor mats and other amenities of your house in immediate danger.

There are several means to deal with destructive cat scratching.

Getting scratch post: Scratch posts are designed to take a hit from any kind of excessive cat scratching. Buy one and place it close to the spot where your cat spends most of the time in your house.

If your cat seems to be confused about the new toy that you have given her and refuses to play with it, you can compel her to do so by using cat nips or even hanging her favorite toys on it.

Cats also have a tendency to scratch when they are bored, therefore, it is ideal to try and keep them occupied by offering plenty of toys and spending some time with them while you are around.

Trimming cat’s claws: Trimming your cat’s claws on a regular basis is another strategy that will bring down the scratching occurrence to a great extent. Another advantage of trimming your cat’s claw is that it will help you to prevent instances where the claw grows into the cat’s paw pads, which can lead to infections or other medical issues.

Remap your belongings: turning the speakers to the wall, keeping the curtains raised whenever it is not necessary, covering the unused furniture, keeping scratching post near the carpets: all these can be used to discourage unwanted scratching tendency in cats.

Claw pads: cat parents also resort to claw pads to effectively hinder the excessive scratching behavior in their felines. Claw pads are protective pads that cover your cat’s claw thereby making it less harmful. These pads can stay adhered to your cat’s claw for three to six weeks.

As a pet parent, it is imperative for you to understand that it is normal for cats to scratch. You can follow these preventive measures to minimize the damage. Some cat parents decided to declaw their cat to prevent excessive scratching, this is something that we strongly advice against. Just stick with these simple tips and you should see positive results with time and without much effort. If your cat seems to be really obsessed with scratching, it is advised to take her to a veterinarian.