5 Dog grooming mistakes to avoid

5 Dog Grooming Mistakes to Avoid

Dog grooming can be a tedious task and most of the pet parents try to get it over with as quickly as possible. Even though your dog will self-groom himself on a day to day basis, he will need your help to get the task done efficiently. When it comes to grooming your dog, there are some mistakes that you are bound to make or you should avoid. Go on and read to save yourself some time on dog grooming, in addition to doing the task effectively.

Not introducing grooming early

Failing to accustom their dogs to the concept of grooming from the very young age is one of the biggest mistakes dog owners make. It is vital that you introduce the puppy to brushing and bathing as early as possible. You can start training your puppy for grooming sessions from the day he gets his second set of immunization.

Introducing your puppy to grooming sessions as early as possible can make way for pleasant grooming sessions in future. Keep in mind to praise him a lot throughout the grooming session in addition to doing it with lots of patience and understanding.

Trimming dog’s nails without experience

Attempting to cut your dog’s nails or claws without prior experience can turn out to be a big mistake. Trimming dog’s nails efficiently is a great challenge for any dog owner, even the experienced ones. If you try to trim your dog’s claws without experience, you risk cutting is his blood supply nail/vein, which can lead to uncontrollable bleeding.

If you still decide to take over the task, use the right dog nail clippers and back it up with lots of research to get the task done effectively.

Using too much shampoo

It is true that using shampoo can make your dog smell good and most of the dog owners use excessive shampoo to ensure that their dog smells good as long as possible. Too much shampoo can dry out your dog’s coat in addition to eradicating oil from your dog’s coat which is important for its health.

Too much shampoo or soap can also cause skin inflammation and irritation. Therefore, ensure that you consider factors like the breed type, outdoor exposure, and bath frequency when it comes to deciding on the amount of shampoo or soap to be used.

Incomplete grooming

Most of the dog owners focus their brushing effort on the lengthy parts their dog’s body like the belly and back. There are some tricky areas like the back of the ears, face and bottom neck area the dog owners miss out. Keep in mind that it is important to brush the whole body of your dog for promoting healthy skin and oil production.

Not doing it regularly

We have had dog owners in our clinic who grooms their dog only once or twice a year, can you believe that? Yes, it is true that your dog self-grooms himself, but it doesn’t mean that you need not groom him on a regular basis.

Regular brushing is important, especially for long-haired dogs, when it comes to alleviating the concerns of clumps and matt formation.

Similarly, bathing your dog regularly is vital for eliminating any dust, debris, and fleas on his coat. Clipping your dog’s nails is essential to keep issues like painful feet and arthritis at bay.

Try to avoid these dog grooming mistakes and keep yourself updated with the latest tips related to dog grooming. Do not hesitate to get professional advice if you are not experienced with dog grooming.