Tips to remove pet stains from your household items

Tips to remove pet stains from your household items

Most of the pet parents struggle with behavioral problems of their pet at some point in time. Behavioral problems in pets can create such a headache that at times, pet parents are even compelled to surrender their pet. One of the major behavioral issues with pets is inappropriate elimination. Pets like cats or dogs who are still undergoing potty training end up eliminating at inappropriate spots in your household and leave a stain. This article will give you some tips on how to remove pet stains from carpets, upholstery, and other household items.

For pet stains on carpets and upholsteries

If your cat or dog just urinated on the carpet or any upholstery or for the stains that are still wet, you can start by trying to absorb as much as water as possible by using paper towels. Cover the area with a thick layer of paper towels and try to soak up all the water till the area seems relatively dry.

The next step is to soak up some paper towels in clean water and clean the spot of concern, repeat the process until you feel satisfied. You can also use pet stain removal solutions instead of water.

The pet stains which have already set can be a bit hard to get rid off when compared to those which are still wet. Under such a scenario, it is imperative that you use solutions like pet neutralizer and carpet stain remover. Remove the set stains using a carpet remover prior to using a pet neutralizer and carpet stain remover.

Removing urine stain on furniture

Your pet’s urine has chemicals that can leave a mark on your furniture. The pet stains usually cause discoloration in furniture. To remove pet stains from furniture, you might have to replace the entire vinyl or varnish coating. When choosing new coatings for your furniture, just ensure that they are safe for your pet.

Coating your furniture with washable paints or enamels can also help you alleviate the concerns of pet stains on them.

Homemade pet stain cleaning solutions

While you have several pet stain neutralizers and removers in the market, you also have the option to stick with some homemade pet stain removers, which can do a good job as their chemical counterparts and that too without costing you much. Some of the homemade pet stain cleaning solutions are listed below:

Vinegar & Baking soda solution: the most simple and common pet stain and odor removing solution used by most of the pet parents. You can prepare the solution by mixing two cups of vinegar, with equal portions of warm water and four teaspoons of baking soda.

Hydrogen peroxide & baking soda solution: this is another effective solution that can alleviate the concern of pet stains and odors. You can prepare this solution by mixing one cup of baking soda, half a cup of hydrogen peroxide 3% solution and a teaspoon of dish wash liquid.

Pets have the tendency to eliminate again on the previous spots, especially if they can identify their personal scent. Therefore, understand the importance of removing the pet stains and odor completely. Potty train your pet with lots of appreciation and if your pet still seems to eliminate at inappropriate spots, do not hesitate to take him to a veterinarian.