Tips to controlling your dog’s unwanted barking

Tips to Controlling your Dog's Unwanted Barking

Barking is one prominent way of communication between canines, in addition to body language and whining. However, for dog parents, unwanted barking can turn out to be a headache, one way or the other. Controlling your dog’s nuisance barking is a task that demands lots of time, patience and understanding. There are several factors that to be considered prior to setting a goal for preventing unwanted dog barking. Some of the important to factors to consider are the type of dog barking and your dog’s health statistics. Follow these tips to control unwanted barking of your dog.

Attention seeking

Dogs have a tendency to bark to earn the attention of his owner. If you have a dog parent, you might have definitely noticed your dog greeting you with plenty of excitement and continuous barks, once you reach home after work. Under these situations, heeding to such excitement and showing your affection straight away is never a smart idea. Showing affection or attention to your dog as soon as he barks is something that encourages him to adopt barking as an attention seeking ploy.

Behavior therapy

If you observe an excessive barking tendency in your dog and it seems to be hard to regulate, it would be ideal to consult a professional. Most of the veterinarians can perform a behavior therapy for your dog that can reduce nuisance barking. Veterinarians can perform a detailed health checkup for your dog for indentifying the root cause of unwanted barking. Abnormal factors like pain, anxiousness, and lack of vision can provoke dogs to indulge in abnormal barking patterns.  A pet professional can easily sort out the root issue and provide tailored treatment including teaching discipline in addition to sorting out any health related issue that is causing the barking.

Exercise routine

On some occasions, dogs with high energy levels tend to bark without any provocation. One of the ideal solutions to this is to plan an exercise routine for your dog. Ensure that you take him out for a walk at least once a day and never encourage any unwanted behavior like reluctance to go outdoors.


More often the key to controlling dog barking starts with close observation. As a pet parent, it is imperative for you to spend some time with your furry friend and keep a close eye on him if he is barking excessively. If your dog seems to bark at a particular time every day, it might be related to something that is happening on a daily basis and you should notice, like the arrival of the newspaper guy or milkman. You can even seek the help of dog bark monitoring gadgets like recorders to identify your dog’s barking pattern in relation to the time of the day.

Follow the above-listed tips to control unwanted dog barking and ensure that a workout session for your dog will always help him irrespective of whether high energy levels are not the root cause of unwanted barking.