Dog nose facts that you probably did not know

Dog Nose Facts That You Probably Did Not Know About

Most of the dog owners underestimate their pooch’s ability to smell. It is true that your pooch can find your stash of treats no matter how well you hide it. A dog’s ability to smell is far more advanced than you think.

Dogs are remarkable olfactory detectors who can detect time, health issues, weather conditions and foresee hazards with their nose. Let us have a peek into some of the amazing facts about dog nose that you probably did not know about.

Dog’s can smell time

Wait, what? Yes, it is true that dogs have this amazing ability to sense time using their nose. Studies on dog nose indicate that the anatomy of your pooch’s nose is so complex and advanced that it can perceive the hour cycle.

There are several interesting ways the experts believe how your dog assumes the passage of time. Dog’s are even smart to relate the routine activities and environment to figure out time of the day. For instance, he can associate the time you leave for work every day and assume the time with respect to the rate at which your smell is weakening.

Dogs are 50 times better sniffers than humans

Experts believe that smelling ability of dogs is 100000 better than humans. This is because dogs nose comprises of 50 olfactory receptors when compared to one olfactory receptor in humans.

A dog’s wet nose is not all about the looks

Wet nose in dogs serves different purposes. Dog’s usually wet their nose via mucous or by licking them. They wet their nose via mucous to for a heightened sense of smell. On the other hand, wetting nose via licking is done to keep their nose clean, especially after eating.

In general, wet nose in dogs also plays a crucial role in helping them to cool down.

Dog nose prints are unique

Like fingerprints in humans, dog nose prints are unique. In some countries, there are companies that register dog nose prints to identify the dog, especially in cases whether the pooch goes missing or is stolen.

Dogs can smell the unexpected

Dogs have an amazing ability to identify pheromones using their nose. The vomeronasal organ present in your dog’s nose makes it possible for them to sniff out pheromones. This is how dogs find out potential partners, identify hazards, understand the emotion of their owners, and even detect pregnancy and sickness.

Dogs are excellent trackers

Nose of your dog is so complicated that it gives him special ability to track a trail and identify the direction to follow. The advanced olfactory receptors on your dog’s nose enable them to discriminate even the minute scent variations. This enables your dog to smell a trail and identify the weakest and the strongest scent points, thereby enabling them to comprehend the right direction to follow.

Short-nosed dogs are bad sniffers

Short-nosed or flat faced dogs are not as superior sniffers as the other breeds. The structural deformity of the skull of short-nosed dogs accommodates fewer smell receptors in their nose when compared to their long-nose counterparts. Therefore, breeds like pugs, boxers, bulldogs are not known to be as good sniffers as bloodhound, Labrador and German Shepherd.

Dog’s are amazing and committed animals that make the perfect companion. You cannot keep them out of the picture, can you?