Socializing your dog, know when to stop

Socializing your dog, know when to stop

Almost all the dog parents love to socialize their pooch and they do it when he is young. The ideal time to socialize your dog is when he is between 3 to 12 weeks. It is during this period that your puppy responds positively to anything new or unfamiliar.

While all the dog owners are keen on socializing their dog, there are also some occasions, where they need to think otherwise. This post will feature some of the scenarios where it is better to not socialize your dog with other humans or pets.

When not to socialize a puppy

As a dog owner, you should know that puppy needs a pair of initial vaccinations. It is wise not to introduce your puppy to other dogs or pets before vaccinating him. You might also want to wait for a considerable amount of time for the vaccinations to be effective before letting him interact with other parties.

It is not only thorough direct interaction or contact that a puppy can get contagious illness. You should also know that disease causing pathogens like parvovirus can be airborne, especially when you have had contagious animals nearby.

If your dog is injured

Almost all dogs are active by genetics and hence vulnerable to injuries. A dog injury in the form of a bump, cut or even a surgical wound needs time to heal. This is where you need to think of curbing his social activities so that you can ensure that faster healing possibilities. During this period, it is also ideal not to indulge your dog in vigorous exercise.

If your bitch just had puppies

A dog looking after litters needs to spend most of her time with them. Therefore, it is ideal to thwart her socializing activities so that she gets more time to look after her puppies. Additionally, puppies are vulnerable to all forms of diseases and allowing the respective bitch to socialize with other dogs or even people can increase the possibility of infections spreading to the puppies.

When your dog has a contagious illness

It is always ideal to not let your dog socialize with other dogs and people when he has any contagious illness. Following this strategy can be advantageous to both your dog and others. Immune system of dogs with any contagious illness can cave-in to other type of illness. Socializing your dog when he is sick can make things worse for him.

Dogs that doesn’t blend in well

Some dogs can be short tempered or do not blend well with other dogs or humans. You can come across these situations, especially when you have adopted or bought a dog when he is an adult. Under such a scenario, prior to trying your luck by attempting to socialize your dog with others, it is ideal to take him to a trainer and have a private session to get the things sorted out.

Socializing a puppy can be an easy task, but thwarting a dog from socializing can be harder than it seems. Feel free to use the comment box if you have any concerns regarding socializing your dogs.