Consider these before choosing a pet sitter

pet sitter and dog in a couch

Having a pet is like having a companion, however, for those who work around the clock, it might be difficult to give your four-legged friend the company that he needs all day long. Pets, especially dogs need some training and attention, which can be vital for maintaining health and a clear mindset. Pet parents, who cannot afford to spend a lot of time with their pets usually, resort to a pet sitter.

There are some aspects that you need to consider prior to choosing a pet sitter, read on to learn more.

Get recommendations

As with buying something or seeking any service, it is ideal to start with a list of pet sitters in your locality. Start your search by asking around, you can talk to any pet owners that you meet while taking out your pooch for a walk or even the pet park.

Performing a search online for local pet sitters is also an ideal choice. While going online, make sure that you look into the Google reviews or other testimonials for existing or previous customers.

With a list of pet sitters in hand, you have set yourself for a good start. This will help you compare the prices, find the specialties and to end up with the right pet sitter who is perfect for your pooch.

Go for quality

You can easily find cheap pet sitters; however, it is imperative that you look for these quality signs prior to putting pen on paper.

  • Ensure that your pet sitter is insured and has had proper training.
  • It is important to look into the online reviews and also referrals from previous pet owners
  • Interview your pet sitter and ensure that they work with a veterinarian to alleviate the concern of any emergency situations.

Finding the right experienced pet sitter

Most of the pet parents fail to choose the pet sitter who is tailored for their pets attitude, breed or temperament. As a responsible pet parent, you should always consider these factors prior to choosing a pet sitter.

For instance, if your pooch has a bad temperament and has behavioral issues, you need someone who is experienced in handling such dogs.

On the flip side, if you own a large dog, a female pet sitter who has experience only with handling poodles might not be the right choice.


Interviewing potential pet sitters is something that you should never sidestep.  No matter how busy you are, ensure that you find time to interview the potential pet sitters.

During the interview, you can ask about the pet sitter training experience and whether they offer any additional services like grooming or walking. You can also make sure whether the pet sitter can provide some special care services. For instance, it is ideal to get along with a pet sitter who is comfortable when you tell him that your pooch requires a shot of insulin if the situation demands it.

Finding an ideal pet sitter can be a tough task which demands patience and time. You might also want to do a trial session with a couple of pet sitters to identify the right one that your pet can easily blend with. Stick to the pointers listed here to end up choosing the right pet sitter without many hassles.