Dog Stomach Gurgling: Reasons and Precautions

Dog stomach gurgle is a common issue. A simple stomach upset can trigger stomach gurgling in dogs. However, on some occasions these rumblings can indicate other underlying serious health issues. As a dog parent, it is imperative for you to be knowledgeable about the potential health-related concerns that could trigger stomach gurgling or rumbling in dogs and precautionary measures that you can adopt.

What causes stomach gurgling in dogs?

Similar to humans, the common reasons for stomach gurgling in dogs is the sound related to digestion and hunger. The movement of gas through the intestines can also be a potential reason for stomach rumbling. As per the experts, specific eating habits can also trigger stomach gurgling in dogs. Dogs have the tendency to gulp down their food at times and this can lead to intake of excess air, which can lead to the condition of gas moving around in the intestine, making the rumbling noise.

If your dog has the habit of gulping down food, decrease the quantity of his meal and increase the frequency. Using raised bowls is also another means of preventing him from eating quickly.

Serious symptoms

Always keep an eye out for additional symptoms which can indicate serious gastronomical issues. If stomach gurgling in dogs is accompanied by diarrhea and the loss of appetite and excessive salivation, you need to consider taking him to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

In case of serious symptoms, it is important to get the veterinarian to diagnose the condition prior to starting any home treatment. Do not oversee the possibility of your dog ingesting a foreign body. Ingesting foreign and toxic substances like raisins, chocolates, and soap can upset your dog’s stomach.


Withholding food and water is an ideal strategy when you start seeing the signs of frequent stomach gurgling in dogs. If you feel that the upset stomach is caused by your pooch having frequent treats, you can do some damage control by feeding him plenty of water. This can come in handy if the gurgling is accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting, each of which is characterized by dehydration.

Encouraging your pooch to eat some grass is also another natural remedy that can aid stomach upsets in dogs. However, ensure that you do not let him ingest too much grass as it can lead to other potential health issues.

Altering the diet of your pooch is another means to bring down the symptoms of an upset stomach. A veterinarian can recommend the ideal diet based on the reasons for stomach rumbling in your dog.

Usually switching your dog’s diet to nutrient-rich easily digestible eatables is the ideal way to counter stomach upsets in dogs. It is important that you observe your dog after switching is diet and if the issue persists, you might need to consult with your veterinarian and switch his diet to another diet.

As a dog parent, it is important to spend time with your pooch to understand the common identify any health-related concerns that he exhibits. Ensure that you spent some quality time with your pooch and plan an active exercise routine for him to which can aid proper digestion.