Secrets to raising healthy kittens

Secrets to raising healthy kittens

Raising kittens is never an easy task, especially when it is your first time. It is important to note that the manner in which you raise a kitten or any pet can greatly influence their health statistics in the future.  As a pet parent, there are several tips that you need to consider when it comes to raising kittens.

Read through the list of pointers to raise healthy and active kittens.

Pregnant cat diet

As a smart pet parent, you need to foresee the different possibilities and act smart when it comes to raising healthy kittens. One of the crucial things to consider is the diet of the mother cat. Understand that a nutritious diet is inevitable for a healthy pregnancy.

Provide plenty of fresh water and a nutritious diet which is dominated by royal canine branded canned food or a diet suggested by a veterinarian.

A pregnant cat diagnosed with malnutrition can only give birth to kittens that might be underweight or is easily vulnerable to other health concerns.

Maintaining hygiene

The most important factor when it comes to raising kittens is maintaining personal and environmental hygiene. Ensure that you wash your hands with disinfectant before and after handling the kitten.

It is also equally important to keep the litter clean and debris free so that it is convenient for both the mother and the kittens. Keep the nesting area clean and ensure the availability of clean water held in heavy bowls to prevent tipping.

If you were to clean the kitten in the absence of the mother, ensure that you use a warm damp cloth. Try to concentrate more on the eyes and the rear of the kitten, which are normally known for dirt accumulation.

Ensure physical activity

Engaging your kitten with physical activity like playing, once they begin to play is something that can help them to stay healthy.

Frequently handling your kitten can also help you to make her more responsive to you when she is mature.

Socializing with your kitten during the first eight weeks is important as it can help you to shape her character in the best possible manner.

Grooming routine

A healthy kitten is characterized by a healthy coat. This is why it is important to book plan a grooming routine for your kitten. Grooming your kitten when she is old enough will also help you to accustom her easily to the concept as she becomes mature.

Routine and proper grooming can also keep the concerns of ticks, flea at bay, which are usually the common reasons for skin conditions in felines.

Keep an eye out for sickness

Raising kittens is a daunting task because no matter how well you raise them, they can get sick in one way or other. It is important that you keep an eye out for sickness. Keep tracking the weight of your kitten and his food intake. Ensure that her stool is normal, i.e. not too watery or dry.

It is always ideal to take your kitten for a checkup at least once a month. Ensure that you plan a proper diet for her with the help of your veterinarian.