The advantages of breed specific nutrition

small dog looking at food placed on table

Most of the present day dog parents struggle to find or plan the right diet plan for their pooch. As an informed dog owner, you should know that each breed has unique nutritional requirements. It is also vital to understand that satisfying these requirements is so crucial when it comes to bringing out different results pertinent to their health and well being.

With different pet food brands promising long and healthy life for your pet, the task of choosing one can be overwhelming. Finding or tailoring a diet plan which is compatible with your dog’s genetic makeup is always advantageous. Let us dive deep into the benefits of breed-specific nutrition for dogs.

A complete solution

Veterinarians suggest breed specific diets for your dog, especially if they fall under a special category like brachycephalic dogs.

Veterinarians also recommend different kibble types based on the dog breeds. For instance, small dogs are usually comfortable eating small sized kibbles. Similarly, you can also choose these food items based on the nutritional health requirements like cardiac function and weight requirements.

Overall, breed specific nutrition can help you to alleviate some common health concerns like improper appetite, digestive issues, urinary health and more.

Eating speed

Your pooch’s eating speed can be ideally connected to the type of diet plan that you choose. For instance, breeds like Labrador or beagle tend to eat faster than most of the other breeds. On most of the occasions, this can lead to digestive issues or other health concerns like obesity.

This is where the veterinarians usually recommend sticking to a larger kibble diet, which hinders the fast eating process. Most of the fast eating breeds chow down their diet with lack of chewing and this is something that creates the digestive issues.

However, larger or donut-shaped kibbles can be used to discourage fast eating and encourage chewing.

Supports digestion and promotes overall health

Breed specific nutrition has proved to be significant when it comes to aiding digestion. Breeds like German Shepherd usually thrive well when they are offered breed specific nutrition.

Similarly, the nutrition specific foods for golden retriever puppies are usually tailored with enough nutrients to help develop their bones.

Another example is dachshund specific diets, which are designed with ingredients to promote lean body mass, which alleviates any concerns related to back disease.

When it comes to choosing a nutrient-specific diet for your breed, it is ideal that you consult a veterinarian prior to making a decision. On some occasions, dog owners are reluctant to change the nutrition specific diet of their pet as they believe that these diets can have a greater and longer positive impact on their dog’s health.

However, on some occasions, you might want to make some minor changes depending on your dog’s health condition and his specific nutritional requirements. This is where moderate checkups can be vital. Furthermore, keep in mind, in addition, to breed specific nutrition, routine exercise is also the key to maintaining the optimum health of your pooch.