Top 4 bowls for brachycephalic dogs

pug looking at a bowl full of cookies

Brachycephalic dog breeds are one of the dog breeds with abnormalities from birth. As a brachycephalic dog owner, you should be aware about the potential health risks and concerns associated with these breeds.

The flattened face provides these dogs with an adorable and unique appearance; however, it comes with a cost. One of the common issues relating to brachycephalic dogs are the difficulty in eating. Unlike other dog breeds, brachycephalic dogs find it difficult to eat from regular bowls or plates.

The smashed-in face of short nosed dog breeds makes it difficult for them to scoop the food out of the respective bowls. In addition to the weird structure of their face, the breathing difficulty also adds to the trouble in scooping the food into the mouth. In the struggle to guzzle down the food from the right bowls, brachycephalic dogs can also end up chocking, bloating or vomiting.

Specialist recommended and tried special bowls can always make the difference when feeding short nosed dogs or cats. The custom bowls for brachycephalic dogs are commonly structured in an angle so that the tilted structure contributes to easy feeding.

The tilted structure of the bowl gathers the kibble in one end which makes it easier for the pooch to consume it. Additionally, the structure avoids the necessity of pressing down the face down further into the flat surface thereby supporting easy breathing.

Enhanced stainless steel bowl


Enhanced stainless steel bowl is a large sized bowl custom designed for short nosed pets. A slight tilt and a shallow depth structure make the eating easy for your pooch with lesser concerns for you about cleaning up the mess.

The stainless steel hinders the bacteria formation, which is highly recommended for brachycephalic dogs as they are prone to bacterial infections.

Super Design Detachable Stainless Steel Bowl


This bowl similar to the previous one contributes to easy eating via its stand tilted at 15 degrees. The bowl can be easily removed for cleaning. Available in a variety of sizes, these bowls can be the best choice for your short-nosed sweetheart.

Yannuo Ceramic Bowl

The Yannuo Ceramic Bowl is similar to the detachable stain steel bowl, expect its built from ceramic rather than stainless steel. The non-slip grip ensures that your pooch can eat the kibble without having to drag the bowl all over the kitchen.

Available in varying sizes these bowls are ideally suitable for smaller dogs and puppies. The arch design and the imperviousness to water make this bowl an ideal choice for brachycephalic dogs.

PetKit Smart Digital Feeding Bowl

The PetKit Smart Digital Feeding Bowl is a technically advanced bowl for brachycephalic dog owners, who would love all the specialties of the bowls listed above plus an option to weigh the food.

This bowl comes with a digital weighing scale, which can help you tackle the issue of obesity, to which short-nosed dogs are vulnerable to.

Short-nosed dogs need special care, this is where as a pet parent, you need to act smart and foresee the different concerns or requirements. Regular veterinary consultations and proper care can make your life easier with a brachycephalic dog.