Tips to keep your dog safe from snake bite

Tips to keep your dog safe from snake bite

Snakes are a definite danger for pets, especially dogs that tend to be aggressive towards them. As humans, we know that snakes are dangerous and we take all the precautions if we come across one. However, for dogs, they are just another animal.

As a dog parent, it is your duty to ensure that your pup is out of harm’s way especially when you in a snake infested area. To ensure the safety of your dog against dog, it is ideal that you consider different factors ranging from the season to vaccinations.

Don’t allow them to roam free

Do not let your dog roam around in strange grassy areas, especially during summer season. Snakes love summer season with dry and humid air conditions. However, this atmosphere can also compel or drive snakes to your backyard or house.

So when you take your dog for a walk in a new park and if it is summer, do not let him roam free. It is highly recommended to keep him on a short leash. Even when you are spending some quality time in your backyard, you can consider keeping him leashed to your chair. This will help you to keep him from exploring a potential snake habitat.

Always try to avoid big rocks or dense grass. During summer, snakes have the tendency to find solace under rocks or in the bushes. 


Today there are vaccinations that can be used as a preemptive measure against snake bite. If you live in a snake infested habitat, it is ideal to vaccinate your dog for snake bites. Currently, most of the dog parents vaccinate their snake against rattle snakes.

Rattle snake vaccinations are popular as all the rattle snakes are poisonous. The temperament of the rattle snakes also increases the possibility of a dog encounter, which ends up in a bite.

Stay on the trail

People have the tendency to take their dog along for hiking or camping. If you do, make sure that you stick to the trail and do not allow your dog to wander off.

Even while you walking your dog in the neighborhood ensure that you and your dog stick to the sidewalk. You should know that snakes love to mind their own business and on most of the occasions they do not attack until your provoke them.

 Snake proof your yard

Snake proofing your yard is another option to alleviate the concern of dog snake bites. You can cement your backyard or lay them with tiles. Cementing the fence on the backyard to the ground is another ideal option to prevent snake from wandering into the yard.

If you stack firewood in the backyard, it is ideal to keep it as far as possible or remove them altogether from the backyard. Firewood usually provides housing to mice and other inspects, which can attract snakes.

Always keep the grass in your lawn short and clean. Try not to leave any clutter or things on the backyard that might attract rodents, which in turn attracts snakes.

Preventing snakes from biting your pet is challenging task. It is important that you consider all these factors and be on the alert, especially when you are spending time outdoors with your dog.