Top 4 dog food allergy symptoms

Food allergy in dogs is not a rarity. Most of the dog owners confuse food allergy with food intolerance. While food intolerance arises due to improper digestion, food allergy is the over reaction of your pooch’s immune system to proteins in food.

Associating protein with only meat dominated food is a common thing; however, what most of the people do not know is that protein is also present in grains and vegetables. The immune system of your dog’s body is driven by the gastrointestinal system and protects her from different types of food allergens every day.

The enterocytes regulate the smoothing functioning of gastrointestinal tracts. Any issue to the enterocytes leads to a condition where the whole body proteins are allowed to enter the body. This alarms the immune system and it starts over reacting to these proteins which results in the triggering of some of the food allergy symptoms listed below:

Itchy skin

Itchy skin in dogs can be the symptom of several health concerns. Food allergy is one among those health concerns. Dogs suffering from food allergy can end up scratching every inch of their body. It shouldn’t amaze you if you find your dog rolling on the floor or rubbing on the furniture.

Coconut or salmon oil are some natural remedies worth trying to treat itchy skin in dogs.


 Another common symptom of food allergy is discoloration of different body parts. This concern can arise in conjugation with other symptoms like itching or lethargy.

Some of the places that usually get discolored are tongue, nails, stomach and even the inside of your dog’s ears. On most of the occasions, these areas appear reddish or blushed in color.

Runny nose or teary eyes

Excessive tearing or runny nose can also denote that your dog is suffering from food allergy. These symptoms are easy to identify, especially teary eyes as they often leave stains around the eyes.

You might need the assistance of the veterinarian who can prescribe the right medication to bring the health concern under control.

Ear infections

Ear infection is a symptom of dog food allergy that can even cause pain. This food allergy system is considered to be most annoying. Dogs with pain or infection in the ear often exhibit it by vigorously shaking their head or with excessive scratching.

Ear infections can be identified by examining your dog’s ear for any abnormal accumulation of yeast or any brownish color substance. Your dog’s ear can also be smelly in addition to the other identifiable symptoms.

Once you identify that your dog is suffering from food allergy, an ideal means to control it is to prepare homemade food for your dog. This will help you to know and regulate exactly what is going into your dog’s diet.

Meeting with a veterinarian can help you to understand the type of food that is triggering the allergy in your dog. This will help you to design an ideal diet plan for your dog.  Keep a close eye on your dog when he is put on the new diet and ensure that he is given sufficient attention and care.