4 tips to prevent dog licking

Dogs can get a liking to licking. You might find your dog licking themselves, other dogs, objects, you and other people.

Even if you like your dog licking you, others might not enjoy it when your pooch approaches for a friendly lick, and in the interest of his health, it is better to prevent him from licking other things or people.

Additionally, you might find people who cannot cope up with dog licking. Some people might find it difficult to digest the thought of being covered in dog slobber.

To save yourself from any embarrassment that might arise while introducing to your dog to others or similar scenarios, it is better to go over some pointers that can help you prevent dog licking.

Why do dogs lick?

Understanding why your dog licks, is the first step to preventing him from indulging in excessive or unwanted licking.

Dog licking can signify different behavior or intentions on different occasions as follows:

Communication: Two dogs interacting with each other indulge in licking as a means to communicate with each other. Licking can mean accustoming with each other or being submissive.

Grooming: Most of the dogs that lick themselves consider it as self-grooming.

Attention and affection: another common reason for dog licking is attention. Puppies are licked by their mothers and hence they associate licking with the memory of affection. Hence, dogs consider licking as a means to express love or gratitude.

Preventing dog licking:

Body language: Changing your body language is an effective strategy to warn your dog about excessive or unwanted licking.

When your dog starts licking, you can withdraw yourself to let him know that he is doing something which is unacceptable. For instance, if you are sitting and your dog starts licking you, you can stand up and try to ignore him.

If your dog chases you to lick again, backing your action with a firm “NO” can also help you to convey the message.

Clean yourself: on most of the occasions, dogs are tempted to lick you, especially your hands. Dogs can easily get tempted to the scent of your hands or sweat.

Cleaning yourself is an effective means to getting rid off all these tempting scents.

Ignore your pooch: as mentioned earlier, dogs can indulge in licking to grab attention or to show their love. Dog parents usually fall for this on most of the occasions.

When your dog licks you next time, try to restrain yourself from reciprocating. Do not make eye contact or turn your attention to them, you can ignore him completely or even walk away.

Distract your furry friend: Distracting your furry friend is another effective means to prevent his annoying habit.

You can resort to strategies like throwing a ball for them to pick or directing their attention to something else.

If you find your dog to be licking themselves excessively, examine him for any flea, wounds or other skin irritations/inflammation. If you find that he is struggling with any of these, you need to take him to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Preventing your dog from excessive licking requires patience from your end. Follow these tips consistently to be successful.