5 tips to raising a puppy

Winking black and brown puppy

As an aspiring dog lover, you should know that being a puppy parent is a big responsibility. Puppies can melt even the strongest heart. You can’t resist, but love your furry bowl of joy. However, you should always consider the possibility of spoiling your puppy with the endless amount of love and care that you shower on him. 

Foresee the possibilities and be alert right from the beginning. A planned approach, thoughtful care, and management can help you raise your puppy to be an adorable dog.

Welcoming your puppy

Welcoming a puppy to your home is a big step. You should understand that your cut pooch is confused with lots of things at the same time. He will be constantly trying to comprehend and choose different scenarios and activities.

For instance, the first few days, your puppy will be trying to figure out his favorite spot in your house, this will explain the wandering around.

During the initial period, your puppy will also try to figure out what is safe or right and what is not. Understand that the new member of your family will be vulnerable and security conscious and act accordingly. 

Giving him time

As explained above, the initial period for the puppy in his new home involves lots of learning and comprehending.

Do not rush him to do anything. Do not force the socializing element yet. For example, it is ideal not to invite your friends or families to meet with your puppy just because you adopted and brought him home.

Encourage your puppy to explore and keep an eye on him as opposed to carrying him from room to room. Even when you are tempted to carry your puppy from room to room, you should understand that this can lead him to crave human company in the future, which in turn can lead to separation anxiety disorders.

Crate and potty training

Getting a crate for your puppy is an ideal means to offer him a quiet and safe spot in the house to dwell. Trying to create such an impression and being successful through crate training can help you alleviate any puppy created mayhem.

Beware of the fact that there are different tips to consider when it comes to choosing a crate and training your puppy to accustom to the crate.

Potty training your puppy can be a bit tricky. It is important that you have the time to accomplish this task successfully.

 The more time you spent with your puppy, higher the chances for you to reward and praise him when he soils only in the designated areas in your house.

Pair consistent feeding patterns with potty breaks to ensure that your puppy is in the right path when it comes to eliminating in the appropriate places.

Handling your puppy

Getting your puppy to be accustomed to touching on different parts of their body is as important as giving him some time on his own.

Accustom him to getting touched from the start and pair the training with rewards to help him associate the experience with some good memories.

Behavioural training

Behavioral training is important for all dog and it is accomplished well when induced from a very young age.

Don’t love your puppy to an extent to create an impression that he is leading you. This can second behavioral problems. Instead, establish yourself as the pack leader, which will help you to send a strong message that you are the one who is to be respected and obeyed.

This can resolve most of the behavioural problems in puppies.

Taking care of your puppies and raising him right demands extra effort and time. Be prepared and foresee the possible factors to do it successfully.