5 Things That Can Make your Dog’s Flea Treatment Fail

dog running with a flea tratment brush in his mouth

Keeping their furry four-legged furry friend safe from fleas would be the dream of any dog owner. foreseeing some scenarios and taking some precautionary steps can help you achieve this goal.

Proper administration of doses and a disciplined regime are two most important aspects in this regard.

However, some aspects can fail flea treatment and destroy its efficacy. So, let’s discuss five such things that contribute to the failure of this treatment.

Wrong dosage

Dogs are not of one particular size and the amount of dosage must comply with it. Different-sized dogs need different doses of flea treatment medications.

Most of the treatments are available based on dog size and the respective weight. Obviously, larger dogs have a need for more dosages than their smaller counterparts.

If you have any confusion regarding your dog’s weight or treatment dosage, take the help of an expert. Using more dosage than prescribed could deteriorate your furry friend’s health.


For a flea treatment to be effective, it is essential that you keep your house clutter-free. A messy basement or storeroom can turn out to be a breeding zone for larvae and other parasites.

Invest some additional effort and time to ensure that your house is organized and kept clean.

Vacuum routinely to eliminate any pupae, flea, and debris that might support pupae hatching.

Outdated Products

You must be cautious about obsolete flea treatment products. Many times, dog owners opt for cheaper products but they won’t prove to be effective.

Moreover, the ingredients might not be suitable for many dogs. it is ideal to consult a veterinarian prior to choosing any of the flea collars, pills, and powders. This would help you to prevent the concerns of any associated health hazards at bay.

Wrong Application Of Products

There are different types of flea products available in the market. And the most one out of them is the topical pipettes. Dog owners need to apply it at the rear end of the neck of their dogs.

However, you must be careful about the proper application of the product. The application is for only the skin. It must not affect the fur.

Not obeying this rule means, you couldn’t ensure complete flea protection for your furry friend. Ask an expert if you have any confusion regarding the product application.

A Long Gap Between Doses

Every flea product has certain rules of application. And you must follow it to ensure the efficacy of the treatment. Be consistent with the recommended frequency of flea application and finish the course to prevent re-infection or spreading.

So, whether you don’t know about the correct timing of product application or you just forgot about the dose, consult your vet without a delay.

If your furry friend is affected by fleas, you must take the help of veterinary treatment in no time. A proper regime and over the counter products will help to restore its health.

Follow these tips to ensure that your dog is safe and sound when the main concern is flea infections.