5 ways to manage arthritis in cats

A fat brown cat with arthritis

Arthritis is one among the common diseases concerning pets usually from their middle age. Arthritis is rare in cats when compared to dogs, however, the condition also known as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint diseases can lead to joint pains and inflammation. Felines, by nature are not expressive of their illness and pain. This is something... Read more »

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Canine flu: what you need to know


Canine influenza or dog flu is a contagious disease in dogs which affects the respiratory system. The type A influenza virus also known as canine influenza virus is responsible for canine flu. The influenza virus can be distinguished into two: H3N8 H3N2 virus The virus was initially identified in Florida in 2004 and the dogs... Read more »

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Dog bad breath: causes and cures

Dog with Open Mouth

As a pet parent, you should know that your dog’s breath shouldn’t smell. There can be several reasons if the odour of your dog’s breath changes. Bad breath can be a symptom of underlying health issues. Therefore, if you feel that the odour of your dog’s breath is changing for bad, we urge you to... Read more »

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Dog panting: Top 5 reasons

If you have a pooch, you might have seen him panting on a common basis. Panting in dogs is a natural response to different types of concerns or situations. There are several reasons why dogs pant and as a loving pet parent, it is ideal to be knowledgeable about each of these reasons. This post... Read more »

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