Top 5 apps for pet parents

Girl showing mobile to pet dog

For pet parents working around the clock, it is difficult to find time for their four-legged companion. The technological revolution in the past decade has made the life of each and every individual efficient and easy. One can also say that the advent of the internet and smartphones has also made life easier for pet... Read more »

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Crazy facts about your dog’s tongue

  Dog parents usually underestimate their companion’s tongue. As a matter of fact, a dog’s tongue can always surprise you in different ways. A dog’s tongue, like any other organ, is an important one, which carries out multiple functions like swallowing, eating and even regulating their body temperature. Here are some interesting facts about your... Read more »

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5 ways to manage arthritis in cats

A fat brown cat with arthritis

Arthritis is one among the common diseases concerning pets usually from their middle age. Arthritis is rare in cats when compared to dogs, however, the condition also known as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint diseases can lead to joint pains and inflammation. Felines, by nature are not expressive of their illness and pain. This is something... Read more »

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