A Buyer’s guide to Dog Anxiety Vests

anxious lying down

Just like we humans, our furry friends can be victims of anxiety too. It could be due to various reasons like bad weather, loud noises, visitors, car travel and so on. Anxiety can make dogs whine, pant, tremble, be restless, while some can get violent or destructive. Anxiety wraps could be the answer to all these problems.

When you apply pressure to a dog’s torso, the calming effect which is similar to hugging is what anxiety vests create. If it is worn properly it distributes pressure all over and feels like a hug for the dog.

When is a dog vest important?

Anxiety dog vests if they are worn the right way, apply gentle pressure, and this pressure can help in the release of chemicals namely endorphins which help with a sense of well being. This is exactly why a dog feels better or calms down when you stroke him/her firmly and give them a pat on their head.

What should you consider when buying dog anxiety vests?

  • Size: The vest needs to be snug and should fit your dog well. Usually, a dog’s weight is what is considered while getting the right size. So it would be best to get him/her weighed properly before purchasing an anxiety vest.
  • Material:– Dog anxiety vests are generally made out of cotton, nylon or polyester. Vests made out of cotton are breathable and soft while nylon ones are strongest. Polyester vests are a combination of both – soft like cotton as well as strong like nylon.
  • Closure method: These vests are generally fastened with Velcro or buckles. The ones with buckles are preferred as these are secure and easy to fasten. Velcro ones are also quite convenient; however, they can come off easily.

Types of Dog Anxiety Vests –

  • Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket: Thundershirt can be called a perfect product as it is easy to wear and attach. The fabric doesn’t pull off much dog hair. These are easy to wash and this would be one good investment as it gives a long life.
  • AKC Stress Relief Calming Coat: The American Kennel Club vouches for this vest and thus it carries their logo. This model also works quite well and gives a good fit and comfort.
  • Mellow Shirt Dog Anxiety Calming Wrap: If you are on a budget, then this vest should work for you. The material may not last you as long as the others above but within its price range, it works pretty well.

What is the best Anxiety Vest for Dogs?

Thundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety Vest is probably one of the best coats that you can get for your dog. It is usually for those active ones and thus these vests give leeway for good movement. Activity, after all, is the best stress reliever and this vest not only gives your dog the snug feel but also good movement. So for all those outdoorsy dogs, this vest is perfect.

Most of the dog anxiety vests that we have listed here are more or less the same. What you need to see is the right kind of fit, fabric, and quality for your furry friend so he/she is reassured and comfortable.