Ocular syndrome in brachycephalic dogs: an overview

Being a pet parent, it is imperative for you to understand the importance of taking care of your pet in an impeccable manner. Your pet is your responsibility, they have nothing but affection and care towards you and it is your duty to take utmost care of them. Most of the people choose dogs as pets, the fact that dogs can be the most gentle and loving companion to humans is something that seconds their decision.

If you are planning to buy a puppy, you should be aware that different breed requires unique attention and care; it is also necessary to be aware of the common health issues faced by the breed you own. For instance, it is mandatory for a flat-faced puppy owner to know what a Brachycephalic Ocular Syndrome really is. Now, you own a flat-faced furry friend and still wondering what that is? Don’t fret about it; continue reading this post to get a detailed insight to the ocular syndrome in brachycephalic dogs.

Outline of ocular syndrome

The flat-faced or short-nosed or brachycephalic dogs are known for their deformity with the skull, this anatomical disparity, when compared to the other dog breeds, makes the brachycephalic dogs to face several health problems. One of the major issues faced by brachycephalic dogs is the shape and positioning of the eyes. The positioning of the eye in the deformed skull creates irritation and pain.

Detailed insight of ocular syndrome in brachycephalic dogs

The brachycephalic ocular syndrome is a condition in the flat-faced dogs that are pertinent to the eyes and the tissue surrounding them like eyelid and cornea. The flat faced dogs diagnosed with brachycephalic ocular syndromes are characterized by the following 3 main symptoms.

  • Exophthalmos: the protrusion of the eyes beyond the normal levels.
  • Macropalpebral: abnormal eyelid opening when compared to the size of the eyes
  • Lagophthalmia: the protruding condition of the eye which makes it impossible for the breed to close its eyes completely.

The ocular syndrome in brachycephalic also leads to abnormal rotation of the eyelid or inward movement of the fur which ends up scratching the eye, rubbing of eyelashes on the eye, lack of tear formation etc. The lack of tears formation is something that causes permanent damage to the eye of the flat-faced dogs in the long run, as the scarcity of tears makes it impossible for getting rid of the particles that get stuck in the eyes.


Ocular syndrome in brachycephalic dogs is considered to be permanent unless and until the condition is treated. Unfortunately, even surgery cannot eradicate the syndrome completely; continuous medication might be needed for alleviating the symptoms of this condition.

Precautions to be taken while purchasing a puppy

When you are planning to purchase a brachycephalic dog, ensure that you examine the puppy carefully for any signs of the ocular syndrome. If essential, you can even request a veterinarian or a professional who is well versed in the topic to accompany you. Do not buy or adopt a puppy whose parents have shown any signs of the symptom or undergone a surgery to thwart the same.

The brachycephalic ocular syndrome is commonly observed in pugs. If you purchase any of the brachycephalic breeds ensure that you take optimum care of him, see that you take him to a veterinarian at least once a month.