The most popular cat myths debunked PART 2

The most popular cat myths debunked PART 2

The most popular cat myths debunked PART 2

There are numerous interesting myths revolving cats. This blog is a continuation of our previous edition of cat myths debunked. Let us skim through more of these interesting myths related to cats.

Cats do not care

If you are a netizen, you would have definitely seen some videos that portray cats as one of the few pets, who do not really care or love their owners. Whether to choose a cat or a dog as a pet is always a hot topic for debate, there has been a common belief that it’s better to choose a dog over a cat, as a pet, since cats are unloving. However, this belief is a complete misconception, cats may not seem as committed or loving to their owners when compared to dogs, this is because cats, by nature, are independent. They were not bred to deal with lots of human interaction. Even though at times it seems like they are not really happy after seeing you come back home from work or stressed when you leave home, they actually do care about their owners and they certainly like your company and loves to be patted and stroked.

Cats can see in the dark

It is widely believed that cats can see in complete darkness. Well, the truth is cat’s eyes function better in low light levels, giving them slightly better vision in complete darkness when compared to humans. The anatomy of cat’s eyes is characterized by thinner corneas and wider irises, which lets in more light compared to a human eye. Additionally, the retina in the eyes of cats comprises of additional set of rods, which in turn magnifies the light impulses. This is the main reason why cat’s eyes glow at night.

Raising two cats is almost impossible

Felines are capable of socializing with their own kind, however, they prefer to be the only kind in a home. They simply don’t understand or accept the necessity of another feline in their home. However, it is not difficult to raise two cats in a home. If you can invest some time and effort to try out some strategies or tips to introducing and raising two cats at home, you can easily make peace with raising two cats at home.

Cats younger than six months cannot be desexed

Cats and dogs are desexed for many reasons and some of the common ones are:

  • To avoid accidental litters
  • To alleviate the possibility of testicular cancer (in males)
  • To make them more family friendly

There has been a belief that cats below six months of age should not be desexed, even if this was true in the past, with the modern anaesthetics and advanced treatment options, desexing cats as young as 8 weeks can be efficiently carried out.

Hope all pet lovers, especially those who love and own cats, enjoyed this post. If you have any comments if you need any expert advice on pet care, do not hesitate to drop a comment below or to contact us.