Did you know that your pet can get stressed during summer?

Did you know that your pet can get stressed during summer?

Heatstroke in pets is a condition that arises when their body takes in more heat than it can dissipate. Heatstroke, a condition which is often overlooked by pet owners is a serious concern that can cause multiple organ failure and even death.

Most of the pet owners are also unaware of the fact that their pets, especially dogs get easily stressed out during summer. As a pet parent, it is also imperative for you to understand that the effect of heatstroke can vary with respect to pet type and breed. For instance, summer can take its toll on brachycephalic dog breeds a tad more when compared to the other breeds.

This post will walk you through some important tips to alleviate the concern of the stress that your pet experiences during summer.

Identify the signs of heat stress

When pets get exposed to excessive heat than they can handle, their body starts exhibiting certain symptoms. Being aware of such symptoms can be handy when it comes to acting quickly and preventing any chance of organ failure. Look for the following heat stress symptoms in pets:

  • Excessive panting or hard breathing
  • Abnormally colored gums which may be either excessively red in color or pale
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Excessive salivation

Precautions to alleviate heat stress in pets

Groom your pet for the season. For instance, thick coated dogs are more vulnerable to heat stress in summer. Seek the help of a professional groomer to get your dog’s coat trimmed with respect to the season.

Cut short the exercise sessions

It is important that you cut short your pet’s exercise sessions during summer seasons. It is not bad to rest pet dogs belonging to the brachycephalic breeds on hot days.

Extreme and prolonged exercise sessions can easily trigger breathing distress and other health issues, which can progress for worse.

Keep your pets indoors during hot days

Some days in summer can be a bit hot when compared to the other. It is advised not to take your pet outdoors during such days. You can leave him indoors with access to clean drinking water.

Take extra care of your pet when he has to be taken outdoors

If you have to take your pet outdoors during a hot day, ensure that you carry plenty of fresh water with you. It is also important to provide him some shade to rest and keep a close eye for any symptoms of heat distress.

Treating heat stress in pets

If your pet seems to be stressed due to climatic conditions, it is important that you attend to him as quickly as possible.

Bringing down the body temperature should be your first priority. However, majority of the pet parents attempt to bring down the body temperature using cold and ice. We strongly advice against this, it is recommended that you bring down the body temperature gradually by spraying water on his coat or wrapping water dipped cloth around him.

Even if you seem to have succeeded in treating a heat stressed pet, it is better to take him to a veterinarian for a detailed checkup.