5 things you probably did not know about your short nosed dog

5 things you probably did not know about your short nosed dog

Brachycephalic or short nosed dogs are a special dog breed categorized by flat or smashed in face. Short nosed dog breeds are known for their cuteness and are popular among the pet lovers. There several facts about short nosed dog breeds that most of the pet parents are unaware of.

Here are five interesting facts about brachycephalic dog breeds that you probably did not know.

Short nosed dog breeds are affected by BOAS:

BOAS or Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome is a condition that affects most short-nosed dogs. Don’t start worrying yet, not all the brachycephalic dog breeds are seriously affected by BOAS.

All short nosed dogs are characterized by upper airway obstruction and it is usually evident in the form of snorting or snoring. However, the condition can get worse with symptoms like sleep deprivation, gagging, heat intolerance and vomiting.

Unfortunately, you need the help of a veterinarian performs different tests for blood, heart rate and X-rays and complete airway assessment to diagnose BOAS.

They are super affectionate and better guard dogs

As per several studies, (especially, the one performed by PLOS One Journal) and researches, experts believe that short nosed dogs are more affectionate and better guard than their long nose companions.

Research revealed that the abnormality of the skull’s shape in these dogs accounted for the affection and loyalty. Different tests found that brachycephalic dog breeds were keener to obey their master’s command when compared to other breeds. Moreover, they were also a bit more aggressive towards unfamiliar objects as compared to other breeds.

They are often sprayed or neutered:

Any dog lover should know that owning a brachycephalic dog is a big responsibility. So if you decide to own a brachy, it is important for you to accept that they might come across several health issues, to treat which, you might even resort to a surgery and they can even die early.

Brachycephalic dogs often require surgery to give birth and the brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome is inherited, these reasons also compel the short nosed dog owners to neuter their four-legged companion.

Don’t let your dog over-exercise or overheat

As short nosed dogs are known to have breathing issues, it is always advised to not over exercise them, especially during summer. Pets, especially, brachycephalic dog breeds can easily get stressed out during summer.

Therefore, it is advised to confine your dog to indoor and limit his exercise routine during summer.

Some airlines have banned brachycephalic dogs:

Several airlines have restricted flying brachycephalic dog breeds due to the associated health risks. Even when the airlines have not banned the brachycephalic dogs completely, they have at least enacted conditions where short nosed dogs can and cannot fly.

If you are planning to fly with your brachy, it is better to be aware about the different pet friendly airlines and the precautions to take.

Caring for brachycephalic or short nosed dogs can be a tedious task, but the affection and loyalty that you will receive in return will always make it worth the effort.