Cat grooming: a comprehensive guide


From bathing your feline to trimming her nails, the task of cat grooming goes a long way. A happy kitty is a healthy kitty and as a feline parent, you wouldn’t want to ask for anything more. Here is a complete guide to cat grooming that will help you to attend to even the minute maintenance that your feline needs.

Eye care

Cats can easily harm or inflict injury to eyes. A detailed eye exam can help you unveil the underlying issue. You do not need professional assistance to figure out any health issues with your feline’s eyes.  You can inspect his eyes using the following tips:

  • Examine her eyes to ensure that it is clean and bright and both the pupils are equal in size.
  • Check whether her eyelids are pink in color rather than pale or red.
  • Always keep an eye out for any kind of inflammation, tearing or crust formation.

Dental care

Ensuring that your cat’s teeth and gums are healthy and sound is another important aspect that promotes quality life for her.

Performing regular dental checkup for your feline with the help of a professional can be expensive. This is why we recommend to perform these checks by yourself and to stick with some etiquette like regular brushing.

While ensuring your feline’s dental health, look for the following signs:

  • If your cat’s mouth has a bad odor, it can indicate that your cat is suffering some either a digestive issue or a gum infection.
  • You can tell whether a cat has a healthy gum if her gum is pink in color and firm rather than pale or red.

Fur care

Cats are usually curious and adventurous animals. If left outdoors, they can indulge in different activities ranging from climbing trees to playing with other felines. Felines are self-groomers, but they definitely need our help to ensure complete fur maintenance.

Bathing your feline is the prime factor when it comes to caring for her fur. Since cats usually do not cope up well with bathing, it is important that you follow some tips to get the task done effectively.

It is ideal to bath the cat when she is calm and composed. Planning a bathing session when she is playful and seems to be in a good mood is one of the efficient ways to go about it.

It is wise to make sure that your feline’s claw is trimmed or nearly trimmed when you take her for a bath.

Prior to brushing your cat, it is important to inspect her fur for any bald patches and tangles. You can also inspect for any bumps or wounds by running down your hand over her coat.

Nail care

Both trimming your kitty’s nail too short and not trimming it for too long can be trouble. If you try to trim your cat’s nail too short, you risk the possibility of cutting through the blood vessel and nerve, which can cause unstoppable bleeding.

If you do not trim your cat’s nail, she would find it difficult to walk and eventually it can lead to a condition called osteoarthritis.

To ensure optimum nail care for your kitty, do the following:

  • Clip her nails every two weeks instead of declawing her.
  • Ensure that you do not try to clip all her nails if she seems a bit frustrated.

Ear care

Monitoring your feline’s ear for any debris or wax is something that you should do at least once a week. Look for the following signs when examining your kitty’s ears:

  • Ear of a healthy cat is without any bald patches on the outer surface and the inner surface is usually clean and pink in color.
  • Inflammation, abnormal odor, bleeding or bumps on a cat’s inner ear indicates health issues which require professional assistance.

Grooming your cat is something that you need perform with lots of patience. Make it a habit to plan a schedule and set aside some time to get it done effectively.