An overview on chewing in puppies

An overview on chewing in puppies

Puppies are one of the cutest and curious animals that you would ever come across. They tend to explore everything new around them using their teeth. While it might sound cute, it can be havoc for the pet parent. Inappropriate chewing in puppies can be a big headache.

There are some tips and tricks that you can follow to stem the tendency in puppies that compel them to chew everything around them.

Why do puppies chew?

Initially, it is important to understand why puppies chew prior to trying out different tips to step inappropriate chewing in puppies. Puppies indulge in chewing for several reasons:

  • Chewing is the prime means to explore different things that he comes across
  • To get relief from the discomfort due to teething that they experience during the first seven months
  • Some puppies chew to get relief from sore gums
  • When they are bored
  • When they crave attention
  • Separation anxiety

Tips to prevent chewing in puppies

Help your puppy understand what to and what not to chew: as mentioned earlier, puppies are curious and they have the tendency to chew anything. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that the things that you don’t want your puppy to chew to be out of his reach.

Puppy-proof your apartment: Keep all your belongings like shoes, socks, power sockets, books, trash out of your puppy’s reach.  Offer him some chew toys and try to make him accustomed to these toys. For instance, you can get a kong and fill it with kibble to encourage an appropriate chewing behavior in your puppy.

Once you have started chew training for your puppy, do not confuse your puppy by giving him any substances like socks or shoes to chew.

Identify the reason for chewing: If you feel that your puppy is having a sore gum, give him a frozen washcloth rather than chew tows. A frozen washcloth is the best means to soothe the sore gum of your puppy.

Keep your puppies in the hunt by providing him different chew toys: giving your puppy the same chew toy might bore him off. He might also start targeting new things like furniture or trash. We recommend rotating the chew toys so as to add some novelty.

Use taste deterrents: Another trick of making your puppy realize the items off limits is to coat them with taste deterrents like bitter apple.

Beware of punishments: Do not punish or raise your voice against a puppy who is chewing or about to chew items off limits. Instead, distract him and gently guide his attention to his chew toy. Do not forget to praise him or offer him a treat once he accepts the chew toy. This can also invoke a sense in your puppy about the things to be and not to be chewed.

Spend more time with your dog: puppies or adult dogs can indulge in chewing if they are bored. Spending time with your dog is the ideal means to ensure that he is engaged and tired, which keeps him away from inappropriate chewing.

If your puppy indulges in inappropriate chewing irrespective of what you do, it is ideal to consult a behavioral specialist or a veterinarian.