List of poisonous household products for your pet – Part 2

List of poisonous household products for your pet – Part 2

The previous post on this topic covered some of the household products or medications that can be poisonous for your pet. The list seems to be never-ending, continue reading to learn more about some of the other unexpected things on the list.

Household products:

Carpet cleaners: carpet shampoos can cause skin inflammation and irritation in pets apart from affecting their gastrointestinal rhythm. Even though the carpet shampoo that you are using is pet-friendly, it is ideal not to allow your pet access the carpet when it is still damp or wet after the shampoo wash.

The deodorizing products for carpets can also cause trigger health concerns in pets. Most often being in contact with the deodorizing powder or ingesting it can cause mild inflammation and stomach upset respectively. When using carpet deodorizing powders, provide access to your pet to the carpet only after vacuuming the carpet.

Fabric softeners: fabric softeners can induce allergic reactions and serious neurological trauma and in some cases; pulmonary edema. It is better to avoid using fabric softeners while handling your pet’s bedding or toys.

There is also another risk of your pet ingesting these solutions which smells great. This can inflict severe gastrointestinal issues, to alleviate which; you need a full veterinarian checkup.

Toilet cleaning solutions

Bleach or toilet cleaning tablets that you use to keep the bathroom commode can turn out to be a risk, especially if your pet has the tendency to imbibe from the commode. Since these solutions would be diluted in water, your dog might not be severely affected. However, minor stomach upset and gastrointestinal issues is always on the cards.


Cigarettes and Nicotine Patches

Your pets, especially dogs can cats can have easy access to cigarettes and nicotine patches. People usually keep these products on tables or cupboards, which are easily accessible to pets. You should note that these products can be life-threatening for your pets. We highly recommend pet owners to keep the tobacco products out of their pets reach as the nicotine content can easily kill pets if not causing a severe health trauma.

Face wash

Face wash and soaps have chemical reagents that can induce vomiting and diarrhea in pets. The product itself can disrupt the harmony of the gastrointestinal tract which can lead to loose stools or serious pain. Additionally, these products are also known to contain essential oils which can affect the smooth functioning of the central nervous system.

Breath fresheners

The most common ingredient in the breath fresheners used by humans; ‘menthol’ can trigger allergies in pets. Pets that ingest these products can end up losing the inner tissue in the mouth. Another chemical reagent, xylitol can affect your pet’s coordination, cause seizures and even induce depression. If your pet has bad breath, consult with a veterinarian prior to providing with any kind of breath fresheners.

Taking care of pets is never an easy task. Being a responsible parent, it is your duty to have an idea about your pet’s routine, likes, and dislikes. This will allow you foresee different vital factors and to ensure that your pet is safe from any poisonous household products.