Top 5 expensive cat breeds in the world

Top 5 expensive cat breeds in the world

Cats are one of the popular pet breeds among pet lovers across the globe. As a cat person, if you are into buying a feline for yourself, you are looking at adopting one to spending a couple of thousand dollars. As a pet lover, can you imagine spending $125,000 for a cat? It might sound ridiculous for some, but there are people who are ready to spend that kind of money on cats.

So, are you curious to learn more about the expensive cat breeds? Let us look at the top five expensive cat breeds.

The Ashera

The Ashera cat breeds cost up to a whopping $125,000 and are regarded as one of the rarest cat breeds. The breed was created by a pet firm; Lifestyle Pets and they advertised the breed as ‘tailored for the rich’. However, it was widely criticized that this move was a marketing gimmick. Owing to all the gimmick claims, DNA test was performed and it was found that the Ashera is nothing but a variant breed of the Savannah cats.

However, the popularity of the Ashera still remains at large. There is a pet firm in Los Angeles, who breeds only five Ashera cats per year to maintain the exclusivity among the rich. When looked upon in the lights of personality, the Ashera is an intelligent and committed cat breed.

The Savannah

A breed of the domestic Persian cat and serval cat of Africa and with a price tag of around $50000, the Savannah is the second most expensive feline in the countdown. The Savannah is extremely loyal and keen to socializing with other beings and pets if trained at a very young age.

Savannah cats are strong and agile and also demands plenty of exercise.

The Bengal

The Bengal feline will cost you around 25000 and is known for its exotic look. With a spotted coat and a streamlined, but muscular body, these cats have the appearance of a wild Asian leopard. The origin of the Bengal is dated back to the 1970’s and is believed to be a descendant of wild Asian leopard cats.

The Bengal cats are known for their curiousness, which can make it hard to keep them at home, especially unsupervised. These cats are known to get themselves in trouble by jumping into aquariums and biting and scratching the furniture.

The Persian

With a price tag of around $6000, the Persian felines rank fourth in the countdown. Known for their fluffy long hair, Persian cats are believed to be originated in Persian or the modern day Iran. However, studies have revealed the possibility of this breed’s existence before Christ.

Persian cats are smart and playful and extremely cute, but difficult in terms of maintenance.

The Peterbald

The Peterbald cat with a price tag of $5000 is known for its unique looks when compared to most of the other cat breeds. Known as a breed between Sphynx and the Russian Shorthair cat, the Peterbald is hairless. These cats are known for its friendly nature and are also the best candidate as a companion feline.

As these cats are hairless, their skin is sensitive and hence it is advised to supervise children who are handling them. These cats meant for indoors as they are susceptible to sunburn.

Cats are brilliant and cute animals that can be very respectful and friendly. If you decide to get a cat, it is vital to perform an elaborate research to end up making the right decision.