The 5 most popular flat faced cat breeds

white flat faced cat

Cats are adorable and one of the few perfect companions that you could ever ask for. There are different breeds of cats and flat faced or brachycephalic cats are standout. Cats belonging to the brachycephalic family have a smashed in face, which gives them a unique look. Most of the cat enthusiasts consider flat faced cats to be appealing and adorable.  You can undoubtedly say that flat faced cats are in demand throughout the world.

Let us look at the top 5 flat faced cats across the globe.

Exotic Shorthair cats

The exotic shorthair cat is a breed which is considered to be the short-haired variant of the Persian cats. As the breed trial indicates, this breed is similar Persian cats in temperament and conformation. The exotic short hairs are adorable and loyal cats, which are also observed to be energetic when compared to their Persian counterparts. This breed enjoys staying by the side of their owners and hates to be left alone. The gentle and calm nature of these cats makes them a perfect candidate for city dwellers.

These cats are also characterized by big eyes and a comparatively big belly. They can also fall for the tendency to lie around and can easily gain weight. Therefore, as a cat parent, you need to make sure that they have plenty of exercise.

Scottish Fold

Probably the cutest cats among the flat faced cat breeds. This loyal and lovable, lively roll of fur is the perfect choice as a companion. Their gentle and kind nature makes them a unique and popular choice, especially in houses with children.

The Scottish fold is characterized by a natural dominant gene mutation which constitutes for their peculiar look. The mutation influences the cartilage in these breeds, especially the ears, which makes it droop forward and drop down pointing to their eyes.

Persian cat

Persian cats are popular across the globe and are known for its puffy look. They have a long history and are known for their caring and affectionate nature. They are always relaxed and has the tendency to become couch potatoes. Therefore, if you decide to get a Persian cat, it is important for you to understand the necessity of exercising them at least once a week. You should also keep in mind they are heavy shedders and might need regular grooming.


In addition to being flat faced, the Munchkin cats are also characterized with short legs. The peculiar look also earns them the name sausage cat. These cats are short and sweet are known to be in existence due to genetic mutation.

Even with the genetic condition, these cats are always considered to be healthy. They are known to be easily domesticated and are playful and enjoy companionship.

Slkirk Rex

Slkirk Rex is an amazing cat breed that is with a plusher and thicker hair coat. Their coat looks fluffy and is soft to the touch, which makes the ideal to cuddle with. This gentle and loyal creature loves the attention of their owners and tends to stick by them.

The calm and quiet nature makes them an ideal choice as a family pet.

Cats are an excellent choice as pets, however, when you decide to adopt a brachycephalic or flat faced cats, it is important to note that you will need to provide some extra care and attention to them.