5 tips for dining out with your dog

Dog looking at food kept at dining table

Those parents with young kids know how difficult it is to go to the movies or even dining out. Even the most well-mannered kids can sometimes get cranky at the very inopportune moment. Well, the same applies to pet owners too. But just because you have a dog, it doesn’t mean that you cannot take him/her to the restaurant with you.

Most dogs are quite well behaved and sit patiently while you have dinner. Here in this article, we have given you some tips on how you can dine out with your dog and be stress-free.

Dog-friendly restaurants:

It probably goes without saying that before you take a trip to the nearby restaurant with your dog, you’ll need to check if it is dog-friendly and has any kind of outdoor seating areas.

In most countries and states there are certain rules and regulations about animals being inside establishments which serve food. So this is something you need to check before you plan on dining out with your dog. This being said, you need to ensure that our dog is well behaved and is quiet at all times while in public.

Doggie manners:

Every dog needs to be trained in some basic manners. Commands like ‘down’ and ‘sit’ need to be perfectly listened to during outings. You could always carry a mat or towel for your dog to sit on in restaurants and train him/her accordingly. Another usual thing that happens in restaurants is the dropping of food.

You ought to ensure that your dog is well trained to be restrained and not get all excited if such a thing occurs. When you dine out with your dog, he/she needs to have good impulse control.

Also, ensure that you feed and walk your dog well before going to the restaurant. If his/her tummy is full and they are tired there is less likelihood of him/her getting anxious or restless. On the other hand, a hungry or an active dog dying for a walk might act out or cause a scene.

Wash up before you step out:

Before dining out with your dog, you also need to ensure that he/she is cleaned up well – just like a parent making their kids wash up before dinner time. They also need to be brushed well so that there is no odor or stray hairs flying away or into food.

Understand your dog:

If you notice that your dog is uncomfortable or squirming he/she might need to take a little walk or need a ‘time out’. Give him attention so they do not feel left out and start acting out.

Understand others:

You might be a dog lover, but please understand that not everyone is. So if you are dining out with your dog please do give consideration to others too. There may be others who do not like dogs or are afraid of them. Do not be imposing or cause a nuisance to others.

We hope the above tips help you and you are able to dine out with your dog and have a good time.