How to get rid of cat poop smell

Orange tabby cat on brown surface

Being a cat lover is great, but caring for them and keeping them clean as well as your home can be quite a task at times. If you are a cat lover, you would understand! Sometimes that cat odor or that cat poop smell can be quite nasty and lingering.

This piece of content highlights some useful tips to remove that lingering cat smell from your house.

Check with your vet : As a pet owner it is first your duty to ensure that your cat is healthy and that her bowel movements are normal. An unhealthy cat can be vulnerable to digestive and other gastric problems.

If you have any queries or doubts it is always best to check with your vet. If your cat is totally given the clean bill and yet your home smells of cat poop then keep reading.

Litter box cleaning – It goes without saying that you need to completely empty and clean out the litter box periodically.

A normal rinse using soap and washing might not do the job. The goal should be to get those odor-causing bacteria. This is where you can consider using a bleach solution.

Also, make sure that you clean the surrounding walls or floor around the litter box. using an odor control litter is another good step to eliminate cat poop odor. It can be a little pricey but certainly worth the effort and should give you good results.

Climping clay litter is a favorite litter type which can be good at suppressing cat poop odor.

Try clumping clay litter, natural clumping litter or crystals made with silica gel. You could even try an air sanitizer too around the box.

Bath: Cats are usually pretty clean conscious and involve in self-grooming on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean that they do not need any extra help. Even cats can sometimes end up with bugs or fleas. Fleas and bugs can cause infections which can lead to digestive issues and smelly poop.

This being said you should never use your normal shampoo on your cat. Get a proper cat shampoo which doesn’t have any strong chemicals or perfumes. Be soft on your cat as we all know cats are not especially fond of water or baths. Also, ensure to dry him/her out properly.

If you would like to go natural, you could even try some DIYs. Mix up some natural dish soap (a cup), glycerin (on-third), water (a quart) and organic apple cider vinegar (a cup).

Use this just like any other shampoo. If the bathing routine is too strenuous for your cat, you could even try out some dry shampoos. Please keep in mind that you need to check with your vet before you try any essential oils which you think might help with the cat odors.

Cat food: Another thing that can contribute to cat poop smell is the kind of food that he/she eats. If you are unable to get rid of that smell it could be due to cheap food that is filling up your cat’s belly. It will not digest easily and can naturally be the reason for abnormal bowel movements.

You need to give your cat good quality food with good water and meat content. Absence of starches and grains are a good choice too.

Let us know how these tips are working for you in alleviating cat poop smell concern.