How to stop your puppy from biting

A short nosed dog biting on a rope

Are you getting a new puppy? That must be nice! However, when it comes to young dogs not everything is cute and cuddly.

There are some things that you need to be aware of and start training your puppy from day one. Foreseeing puppy behavioral aspects and understanding the importance of your role in shaping the character of your puppy from a very young age is important.

This article will feature some tips to stop unwanted biting habits of your puppy.

Puppies often indulge in nipping. This is a natural means via which they play and show their curiosity. Also when they are teething, they like to chew on stuff at it helps them with the pain.

This might seem cute initially but it is always ideal to take precautionary steps to prevent this habit from plonging.

Difference between hard and soft biting: Your puppy needs to nip as it is a natural behavior. However, you will need to teach your puppy about the difference between a hard and a soft bite.

You ought to let your puppy indulge in a little gentle puppy nipping. If you feel that your puppy is trying to give his everything, you can put on a show and yelp out. This will help him to associate the instance to a bad one.

Such instances can help your puppy regulate their bite strength as necessary. Everyone in your family can get involved to set some boundaries and to make things clear for your four-legged friend.

Skin and teeth: Imposing a “no teeth on skin” rule is another ideal means to convey the message. Let your puppy know that not only biting but there shouldn’t be any teeth on skin. Put up that act of getting hurt and combit it with treats to eliminate any tendency to bite hard.

Puppies are just like kids – all you need is patience, time and love. They will soon learn, adjust and modify their habits.

Toys and Puppies: Understand that puppies are will indulge in biting and they don’t consider it strange. Do not try to discourage the tendency as a whole. Your puppy needs to know the difference between chewing toys which is totally fine and not puppy nipping of skin.

You also need to know when to be strict with your puppy, when to walk away and when to ignore. Just like kids sometimes if your puppy is too excited, you should just give her/him time to calm down. You can only train your puppy if he/she is calm and willing to listen.

Using chew toys can be an ideal means to get your puppy some satisfaction when it comes to fighting any biting tendency.

On the move: dogs like Shetland Sheepdogs or Collies instinctively nip on ankles. This is basically the instinct to keep his/her herd moving. In such cases, you need to stand quiet so that they understand that his/her puppy nipping is not making you move or helping him/her.

We cannot reiterate enough to stop your puppy from biting or to train your puppy needs a lot of patience. Being too strict, or stressful to your dog will not help you achieve the goal of preventing unwanted puppy biting. It might just make your puppy rebel, quite like a young kid. If these tips do not come in handy, it would be ideal to seek the help of a professional trainer.