Tips to remove dog hair from your clothes

beige puppy on person

Dog owners know how annoying dog hairs can be. If your furry friend sheds a lot, you will have trouble keeping the hairs of the clothes, bedding, and upholstery. 

Have you ever imagined your dog without hair? It might not be a pleasant sight. Therefore, as a dog owner, you can avoid a scenario where you do not have to deal with dog hair.

Of all the issues related to dog hair, the most concerning one is dog hair or clothes. There are different ways to remove dog hairs from clothes.

Lint rollers and gloves   

Lint rollers are one of the effective solutions to remove dog hairs from clothes and furniture. Run the lint roller or remover up and down on your clothes after laying them on a flat surface.

Another strategy to remove dog hair from clothes would be to use a damp rubber glove.

Put on a rubber glove and run it under the faucet. Rub this glove over your clothes and it will start picking up dog hairs from the cloth. Repeat this process while ensuring that the excessive water on the glove is always shaken off.

Creative laundering

How do you get dog hair off your clothes without a lint roller? Or is there a way to get dog hair off your clothes in the washing machine?

Washing clothes with hair in a washing machine can weave the hair more deeply into the fabric. Try these additional steps to ensure that you stand a good chance of removing the hair.

Put the clothes in the dryer (heat-free, tumble-only mode) for ten minutes

Transfer the clothes from the dryer to the washing machine after some vigorous shaking

Add a cup of white vinegar, which will soften up the fabric and loosen any dog hair

Sticky tapes

Sticky tapes can be an alternative to a lint roller. Wrap the tape around your hands and run them over the garments laid on a flat surface. You can even consider patting the clothes with the tap rolled hand if you find it difficult to rub the clothes.

Reduce dog hair in the household

When it comes to getting rid off dog hairs from clothes, you should foresee the possibility of things happening again. This is where you need to think about some precautionary steps which can help you reduce the impact or probability of such instances.

In addition to removing dog hairs from garments, follow these steps to reduce hair within the household.


Brushing your dog on a regular basis is always ideal to prevent unwanted dump of hairs all around the house. Brushing your pet outdoors is a smart move.

Good diet

Good diet can have a direct impact on the dog shedding frequency. An ideal diet will promote hair quality and strength, which in turn reduces shedding. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid-rich diets can promote healthy hair and skin in dogs.

Follow these tips to remove dog hairs from your clothes and reduce dog hairs within the household. Let us know if we have missed a trick.